Friday, January 6, 2017

Omaha Camera Club meeting January 3, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Larry Headley

Attendance 27 members, 2 guests

Old Business:
Treasurer Report (Don Cross): Club balance $1686.02, $230.00 collected in dues tonight - $40 single, $55 family membership dues can be paid to Don. Only 25 memberships paid so far.

N4C Report (Larry Headley): 43 entries from 9 members, 8 awards. Winners are posted on website. Starting January competition if more than 8 entries in a category Larry will send email to participants to have them narrow down before submitting.

Librarian Report (Dorothy Sansom)): There is a new CD titled “The Art of Travel Photos”, 4 new PSA journals.

New Business:
Larry Headley and Linda Davis met with Christian Olson, Guest Services Coordinator at Omaha Home for Boys to sign contract for meeting space, $100.00 per month, as well as putting the word out for opportunities to teach photography classes, photo shoots, and invitation to meetings.

Mike Barker has setup a studio at his house and invited members to come out and use, as well as looking for models to shoot.
Club board meeting Tuesday, January 10th at Do Space.

Cliff Claven little known facts: The Omaha Camera Club had a month long photography display at Joslyn Art Museum from 1925-1965.

**Club contest reveal night, approximately 35 total entries in 6 categories. Judges for January were Mike Barker, Nikki McDonald, Scott Parker, and Gary Prill.

Entries for next month’s contest are due to Allan Stamler NLT midnight Tuesday, January 17. 

Assigned subject is “Triptych”. Judges are Paul Evans, Paul Bellinger, Sandy Wentworth, and Marty Barker.
**Mike Barker showed a You Tube video by Gavin Hoey on making triptychs. Discussion followed.

Stump the Stars Discussion: What is the difference between XIF and metadata?

Due Dates: N4C entries to Larry Sunday, January 8th.

Club Board Meeting: Tuesday, January 10th at Do Space.

Next Club meeting: Tuesday, January 17th- Show &Tell.

Treats by Trish Place.

Respectfully submitted January 6, 2017 ,

by Linda Davis, OCC Secretary

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

OCC Annual Meeting - November 2, 2016

President Opening Remarks
Guests NO
Treasurer Report $1251.07 after sending a check to Jo Eland memorial
Print Competition
Assigned Category: Water
Due Date for Prints – bring to the next week and a half to her house. Judging and reveal all in one night. Suggested once before that we might like to put a price on our prints and sell them that night. Main consideration would be your mounting. Unless you have an objection Nikki will send an email to all who have entered to get their pricing. Deadline to have prints to Nikki is the 12th of November.
N4C report: 36 entries 12 members 9 awards. Mike Barker 2nd Place, Nikki 2nd Place, Dorothy Sansom HM, Mike Barker HM. November competition deadline is the 8th of November.
Equipment – Will have new equipment manager in January.
Library – nothing new but will have a new Librarian
Treats – Ron Schmidt
Next Digital Competition – Assigned Out of Place in January
Annual Elections – Slate of officers on the screen and are there any nominations from the floor. No nominations from the floor.
Also discussion on the increase of dues, is also on the ballot. It was discussed back in May but did not have a quorum to vote on it. So we are voting on it at this meeting. Tom explained the reasoning behind the increase of dues. Due to the rental income on the room and incidental expenses. $40 individual $55 for couple or household.

Current Ballot – Ballot was passed out for voting
For Officers: 37 Against Officers: 0
For Dues Increase: 36 Against Dues Increase 1
Vote counted by Myers, Tim and Tallied by Ina
Treats Ron Schmidt
Nikki thanked the new officers for stepping up to the plate to take an office for the next 2 years. And thanked the outgoing officers for their service for the past 2 years.
Looked at the committee chairs: The discussion was talked about giving Larry assistance for N4C Committee in submitting the competitions entries.
Any New Business: Tim suggested that we take one of the show and tell nights and show slides and do a “retro” program. Would need more coordination to pull off.
Nia Karmann send card on the death of her Grandfather.
Close and meeting adjourned at 7:17 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Ina Ohnmeiss, OCC Secretary

Sunday, October 30, 2016

Nominations for 2016-2017 Officers and Board of Directors

Omaha Camera Club Candidates                 Terms begin January 1, 2017
President:                   Larry Headley                       

Vice President:              Mike Barker     

Secretary:                   Linda Davis

Treasurer:                   Don Cross

Board of Directors:                 
                             Gary Prill,
                             Paul Evans,
                             Tim White

Standing Committee Chairs (Appointed by President):
Hospitality:                 Marty Barker

Nominations:                 Tim White

Digital Coordinator:         Allan Stamler     

Print Coordinator:           Nikki McDonald

Equipment:                   Andrew Treantos

Publications (Librarian):    Dorothy Sansom

Website:                     Don Cross

N4C Rep:                     Larry Headley

OCC Meeting October 25, 2016

Meeting called to order at 6:35 by Myers Burmeister.
First meeting in November is our election of officers and directors.
Print competition is the 15th of November same ole same ole because we moved it to the 3rd Tuesday.
Larry – N4C partial scores how many entries 36 by 12 member.
Much discussion on the creative category for N4C since our club judged this category this month.
Donna reported on the 2016 Conference in Fargo ND. She talked about one of the presenters from Fargo that works in the creative category. 4 people got Honorable Mentions, Nikkis, Larry, Paul and Marty. September 21-23 in Rapid City for 2017 Conference.
Turned over to Paul Evans for his presentation on Close up Macro and Landscapes.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Davis, OCC Acting Secretary

OCC Meeting September 20, 2016

Called to order by Myers Burmeister president.
Introduction of guests:
Robert Bresley – learned from wife’s dentist Dr. Cameron
Nia & Leann Karmann friends of Steve Schwiesow
October competition photos are needed today
9/27 Alan Stamler is giving a presentation on Lightroom – focus on 1/3 library 2/3 looking at developing module
Ken Smith judge for the print competition. Donated a piece for the conference last year.
Tom Pfeffer – it is great that people are stepping up and giving presentations for the last part of the year.
Mike how to prepare slide shows in lightroom, Fontenell Forest program, raptor recover, Paul Bellinger has some images he would like to share “Images from the old guy”. Paul Evans presentation of both ends of the spectrum on macro and landscapes.
Beth Button last meeting has appreciated everyone and has not been able to attend and officially moving tomorrow. Will be back and forth for a while and she will make the meetings when she can.
Tim White has two openings in our structure see time. He is head of the nominating committee.
Ready for show and tell participants:
Marty Barker, Craig Niedbalski, Paul Evans, Gary Prill, Irv Cobb, Dave Tollefsrud, Tom Green,

Eva Lovas, Bob Bresley, Beth Button, Allen Kurth, Mike Barker, Steve Schwiesow, Trish Place, Jeff Wild
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Davis, OCC Acting Secretary

Saturday, September 17, 2016

OCC Meeting September 6, 2016

30 in attendance
Treasurer Report: Paid 3 months rent of $400, received 3 deposits tonight totaling balance in account $1,476.57.
Discussion by President regarding Attorney David Wilson leaving current firm and whether we should move with him to new firm or stay with current firm without him. Motion by Ron Schmidt to stay with current firm, not move with Mr. Wilson, but to be open to changing firms altogether in the future. 2nd by Irv Cobb. Majority vote passed. Trish may have recommendation for an attorney to use.
Discussion by Gary Prill regarding continuing 501-C-3 status. Input from Paul Bellinger, Linda Davis and Don Cross on continuing to move forward with club, possible outreach, Do Space teaching. Open to more discussion when new President, officers are elected for next year.
Alan Stamler will be doing Lightroom presentation on 9/27. All questions ahead of time should be sent to him to prepare.
The club will be judging for N4C in October for Creative category. Larry Headley has enough volunteers.

Druba will be hosting Photowalk on 10/1 3-5pm at Elmwood Park, information posted on Facebook.
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Davis, OCC Acting Secretary

OCC Meeting August 16, 2016

Donna Gustafson. New member from Lincoln.

22 members present.

Reminders entries due Aug23. To Jeff Wild,  Subject: shadows.

Judges needed for ours and for N4C creative. 3 each. Gary, Scott and Ron agreed to judge.

Larry Headly reminded the group of the rules of competition and categories.  Remember assigned must be taken after May 2016.

N4C. Has a black and white category.  Entries are due to Larry Headley on or before the 10th of the month.  1 per category total of 6.  Judges Tim W.,?..?

Show and tell.

Respectfully submitted,

Sandra Wentworth, OCC Acting Secretary

OCC Meeting July 19, 2016

30 in attendance.

New member Jennifer Taylor.

Discussion on posting on OCC facebook upcoming events versus on blog on website.

Larry and Nikki gave presentation on judging in preparation for club monthly competitions, good discussion.

7 members will be volunteering to help with Douglas Co Fair photography contest at Crossroads mall this week.

Reminder of picnic Sat 8/13 11:30 Lake Manawa Council Bluffs.

Respectfully submitted,

Linda Davis, OCC Acting Secretary

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

OCC Meeting May 17, 2016

Meeting called to order by President Myers Burmeister at 6:30 pm Greetings from the President.
Continuing on with our discussion from last meeting. Picking and choosing our categories for next year.
Talk about our dues situation and raising the dues.
Our digital director has a class for the summer and we need someone to do the digital presentation.
Our books were audited and the reports were audited and approved. Who did the audit? Alan Kurth & Dave McDonald completed the audit. No additions or corrections, audit closed for this year.

Cookie Monster John M.

Tom Pfeffer presented the information for the increase of the dues. This should not take too long. Excel sheet presentation. We have been at $25/$35 for 6 to 7 years. Cost of $100 per month going to OHB Asked Tim to look at where our money is coming from and where our money is going to. See attached spread sheet. Income comes from dues only, expenses are not related to the convention. By the end of next year we would begin to go negative. In looking at a 4 year model we would be negative every month starting in the 3rd year. So the proposal would be for the dues to increase to $40 per single member $50 for couple. By the end of this year we would replenish our account and giving us a positive cash flow. This will work until we have a capital expenditure. It is hard to build up with dues along and hope that we can find individuals that would like to donate to our 501C3 for capital get income other than dues. We can’t survive on dues alone. Wrap up increase dues to $40 and $55 for family/couple. Discussion
Ongoing expenses judges (outside judges), programs, printing fees, postage, fees for N4C, PSA fees, pizza party, flowers for memorials.
We need to make a decision as a club how we want to spend our money. Makers Club has several tiers of membership. They ask for additional donations from members.
Current policy is prorated dues, maybe the discussion needs to be do we still want to prorate dues?
How much are PSA $100 3 year / N4C $50 ($1 per year). Does anyone feel the $40 is excessive? Can look for other accommodations Royce suggestion, 50/50 raffle and set the money aside for a specific item such as capital expentitures.
Fund Raiser – Garage sale where the proceeds go to the club.
Looking to raise dues in December this can come to a vote in September or later in the year.
Thank you Tom for your presentation.
Treasurers Report $
Larry Headley - N4C News – newsletter trying to get on the blog but having issues
Secretary –n/a
Equipment – n/a
Library – More selections for you to see and there is a disc if you don’t like to read.
Assigned Categories:

Shadows- September 2016
Animals- October 2016
Water- November 2016 (Print)
Out of place- January 2017
Triptych- February 2017
Through the window- March 2017 (Print)
Landscapes- April 2017
Still life-May 2017
Old stuff- September 2017
Architecture-October 2017
Weather –November 2017 (Print)

Passing of the guard for the Treasurer will be Don Cross
Thank you Tim for your service and watching over us.
Sandra will be taking the name badges

Respectfully submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, OCC Secretary

OCC Meeting May 3, 2016

Called to order at 6:35 pm by Myers Burmeister president
Treasures Report $1669.70 new 1694.77 (3 new members $75 and memorial contribution $50)
Secretary’s Report A donation was made in the Honor of our Member Larry Fritz to the Midlands Humane Society who passed away on April 22, 2016.
Sandy has a backpack that she would like to give to someone….very useful. Comes with a Walt Disney rain slicker…
Thanks to Larry for the email sent out we have a lot to cover.
Went over the dates or the Next meeting 5/17, 6/21, 7/19, 8/16 and the program for September will be the lightroom presented by Alan Stamler.
Steve S. reported on Springbrook, it was the first chance. Choose not to go Friday and went Saturday only. They had attendance of about 55 the goal is 75. Only knew one person there. They had good presentations, lighting for portraits outside, trip to Greece presentation.
One good thing came of it, she asked to bring to our meeting and pass out. PSA council challenge Nikki McDonald winner.
April winners 40 entries 17 awards for N4C. See the website for the award breakdown on the blog.
Cookie Monster Mike Barker – Thank you!!
More books to be checked out of the Library – stop by and check them out.
Tonight we will be choosing the assigned categories:
This month is a transition between the old business/and new business. In November the new business meeting with be established. Catch up the assigned category and instead of putting down the categories get a survey out to pick the topics… Do we still have access to survey monkey to get the categories selected. Thoughts of topics on survey if you pick the top 5 out of 25 pick. Opinion out survey monkey and they were not happy about doing competition There has been issues finding judges and competitions….Jeff would like to see more critique on the photos instead of running through. Likes Ina’s idea of having a topic and discuss what they like, what they don’t like and what went into making the photo. Larry, the contest would be more accepted if they get comments. Sign up in advance to be a judge like you do for cookies. D Cross, when he was managing the same meeting that the reveal we asked someone to judge. Be proactive in getting judges. Use to sign up for the whole year. 6 digital competitions that would be 24 judges. Part of the problem if they are not participating they should not be made to judge. Judges training…show of hands of the people who want to have the competition. Since we are moving the business meeting to November…move the December competition to May. It seems like the majority that is here wants the competition, I think we should do a judging and critiquing class in September and judge sign up. Tom, another topic related and 3 meetings a month. 6 or 7 months out of the year. The only other club that has 3 meeting a month is Des Moines. Jeff was surprised we had 3 meeting when he joined. Two would be plenty…thank you thank you cut down the number of.
Competition for novice people, tiered system would be difficult to maintain. Show and tell and digital reveal on both nights. Jeff would have to determine how to do both. Cut show and tell back and move through digital reveals and you are not getting critiques. Entering contests and not getting any feedback. No idea why they like it or why it is a low rating. It is a surprise and does not know how to improve. People actually talked about the shots at the last meeting. It was not just blasting through the photos, the where, how and why they took the shots. Nikki is just giving a suggestion. More interaction with the people getting the story. Bring the person to the front to talk about their photo the where, how and why and then questions and what I could have done better. The opportunity is there….but the comfort level, what is the feel. If they don’t want to talk they don’t have to talk….It is asking for the critique what do you like etc.
Bring in the best photo and talk about it instead of blowing through the photos. Larry, lots of good comments we are mixing apples and oranges…show and tell is just what it is…I was here and took this and the reason I took it. There was not discussion on how to improve and get better. I’m seeing this and this is a distraction…if it is effective and good but does not think that is show and tell. Only take one of the show and tell critique night. More critique in the competition and feedback. Judging needs to critique….When we are volunteering to judge, and the few we have on smug mug that is when we need to know how to put in the critique and access to site to put in the critique. Can everyone get into smug mug to put in the critique. Didn’t you need a password you as a judge gives you access to the private gallery and you can critique everything should move to the public site. Larry, clarification, when the judges are in the private mode will they be able to see the other judges comments? YES….Nikki would make comments on a spread sheet and the last step before turning in the scores. Whatever your comfort level is you don’t have to read them. Jeff will have to look at it and now you have to take action to add a comment. Judges training and how to add comments That is something too is to publish scores to everyone Steve S is going to try to remember what he is going to say…I think that when he had show and tell…he appreciated they would say I’m thinking of entering this to N4C give me some feedback on what to enter. Irv Cobb most valuable is the live critiquing on the competitions. Tells me what people think about the images. Just the Comment on judging it a lot of work and he did not write anything…he is a negative type of guy.assigned “oh man it is a picture” and that is all. It is not a trivial amount of time…if you sign up you are committing hours on a deadline to fit this in your schedule and create text it is not a trivial task. Make sure they understand….what is expected, don’t feel it is good to have fewer judges change the scoring from 1-10 to 1-5 decided that there was not a lot of leadway…back in 1980 when Gary joined they were 5 point spread and you had to get a score of 33 to be show at the reveal. Nobody knew that you entered and you could re enter with different judges. They only ever show the top percentages…
What topics
Raising Dues dues have not been raised since 2009 or in the 90’s
Treasure audit needs to be completed needs to take a look at it. Someone who is not on the executive board or director Alan Stamler and Alan Kurth to audit books.
Term of office of current board…2 year term. I make a motion for the election of the officers and board. Nikki seconds the motion to elect new officers. Need to go through a transition…That is what will happen in November, we need a nominating committee there is advantage of having a staggered directors and executive committee. It was anticipated during the coarse of the transition it was assumed that people would retire and there would be a staggering. The President would put together a nominating committee was adhoc, and they turned to the person would you do it. People that were elected under one system, Paul read the old ruling under the old bylaws…. Results will be announced at the annual meeting. No way to follow the bylaws, it is how you look at the slate of officers and directors. Was the assumption that they were elected under the new bylaws or the old bylaws. Is it possible to be in order to request and authorize to remain in their position until November. Request and authorize the current slate of officers to remain in office until through the end of December, to take effect in January 2017, Irv Cobb 1st motion and 2nd by Alan Stamler. What was the head count of active members 49 and we have 26 members present tonight. Call for a vote, matter of procedure can the board and executive committee vote. All in favor, 25 opposed 1.
* * * * *Cookie Break * * * * * *
Books have been audited and a Thank you from Nikki and round of applause for all Tim’s work.
Tim is looking to pass the torch if you are interested please contact someone on the board. And a discussion will be put to a quick vote and then the board can decide. Send your interest off to the board…as Tim passes the torch, no one I would rather have watching over the funds. Thank you so much….
Topic – we have funds going out the door due to the meeting room of $100 a month. Need to fix the lights….we look at photos so we are in the dark anyhow. Tom P. I think that the thing that is most pressing a year We make just about that for what the dues are collected. Let’s look at an alternative, maybe we don’t need the funds sitting in the account. When we need to purchase a new equipment we need to decide what we want to have in reserves. What are our fixed expenses – Judges, dues to N4C and PSA and our memorial fund budget and then a reserves. Scholarships, what our future mission to be. How are you using the word scholarship Alan, state fair that submit entries to support the interest of photography. Traditionally the free membership is a “scholarship”. This is what the 501c3 will allow us to do. Fixed costs, capital expenditure, and misc. costs. The scholarship is not something we can do with our membership dues. We need to incorporate into our projection we need a scholarship committee….and ask the community we need to have a vision or scholarship objective. We need to have a long range plan.
If you have any comments or suggestions we can discuss at a board meeting and then bring it back to the membership. Linda May has always been a two meeting discussion. Send suggestions for the assigned categories to Larry so he can send them out to membership of who was not here. If we do scholarships that we have to file. No cost to file and as long as we remain a “non profit” status. And the expectations of the IRS ruling. We need to maintain the non profit form and maintain and be under 50K a year. A non profit can earn money it depends on what is done with the money.
Sandra W. question dues are tax dues yes.
This is a wrap and will be continued at the next meeting.
Respectfully submitted,
Ina Ohnmeiss, OCC Secretary

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

OCC Minutes April 19, 2016

OCC Minutes April 19, 2016
Show and Tell
Larry Fritz fell and broke his hip and there is a card circulating for signatures.
Secretary read thank you from Nancy Oudheusden’s family. Therewere 27 members present.
If you have panoramic for the N4C Springbrook event this weekend. Please see Steve Schwiesow.
Next weeks meeting will be at Hot Shops there will be snacks and drinks. BYOB if you’d like. This event is from 7-10 pm. Check the OCC Blog for more information. It is on the hotshops website as well
Results of the vision statement talked about by Tom. Well this will be very short, like when you do anything. So this is putting a bow on this topic. We went out looking for input for the vision statement that we are just not ready. It will have to happen sometime in the future. There was an overwhelming lack of interest. That is fine, we put something out there and the answer was not now. I don’t think this should detour us from doing it in the future. The most favorable is that we are a 501C3 status, I think we will be saying that we will need to look for donations to pay the OHB for our clean up fee. It is a bargain for what we are paying. $100 vs $1800 per night.
This is hung up for the night..we are done for now…
Irv Cobb – has been in talks with the principal of the Carter Lake school to start a mentoring program or Jr. Camera Club or if you know of anywhere in the metro area or if you have old cameras you would like to donate, if we can get this rolling in the fall and you’d like to come in and talk to the kids let him know.
Dave T suggestion for another outing. Bought an IPad pro…went out on a search, what does people have for gear what do you have for bags. Menards tough gear bags…Hunting stores, shotgun bags for lens on your waist. Gear night…bring it and show up and share your information.
Respectfully submitted
Ina Ohnmeiss


OCC Minutes April 5, 2016

OCC Minutes April 5, 2016
28 in attendance
Secretary nothing to comment
Talked about the death of our member Nancy O. who passed away on March 27th after a long battle with cancer.
Equestrian event at Century Link contact Trish Place by end of this week so she can contact Jackie the coordinator to let them know how many will be there. We will get free admission for the return of photos. May 5, 6, and 7th.
Trish has a hanging at Edward Jones in Benson for first Friday. Hanging photos all week.
N4C had honorable mentions and Eva as a first time participant received a honorable mention.
Jeff Wild has a show at Metro College Elk Horn Campus in the common area.
Group starting up they want to be like the “hot shops” set up as a non profit and community involvement. Interested in someone coming to give a presentation and someone from our group giving a class. They don’t have a vision statement either. Jeff will let them know we are interested.
Digital Reveal
Did everyone get the free Nik software that is listed on the blog of the club. There are free tutorials out there that Jeff will see if he can find.
Presentation by Tom Pfeffer on our vision statement:
He is going to just touch on it, and why we need it or not. This is to get you thinking…
What is a vision stmt, why do we need one, why does OCC need one, do other clubs have one
Vision is a map as to where you are going. What is it that we want to be. Do we want to do something different, if so what do we want to be in the future. Short and easy to understand…
Power Point Presentation is attached for review of the information that Tom went over.
Digital Reveal
Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, OCC Secretary