Monday, February 22, 2016

OCC Minutes Feb. 16, 2016

OCC Minutes Feb. 16, 2016
Meeting called to order by Myers Burmeister at 6:30 pm.
A brief business meeting was conducted covering the following information:
Treasurer’s Report $2177.77
Secretary Report – nothing to report all minutes have been put on the OCC website.
Equipment – no report Dhruba not here
Library – more PSA journals have been donated by Mr. Headley
Cookie Monster – Alan Kurth
Larry Headley reported on the N4C January results and you can find the results on the website.
Photo essay judging waiting for more information
Print competition needing entries, and we are limited to 4 total and 2 in any category. Judge is a portrait photographer. She does on location portraits Sarah Hadenfelt who is from Grand Island NE.
Next meeting is about Flash Lighting by Dhura Chakravarti
Board Meeting this Sunday the 21st
Holand Center and March 8th 7:30 pm tickets are $10 Cory Richards National Geographic Photographer.
Jane Goodall at the Holand Center but tickets are sold out,
Digital Reveal presented by Jeff Wild

Minutes Respectfully submitted 02-16-2016
By Ina Ohnmeiss, OCC Secretary

Monday, February 1, 2016

OCC Minutes Jan 5, 2016

OCC Minutes Jan 5, 2016

First order of business was the voting to ratify the changes to the by laws.
Vote: Voting was held by means of a paper vote, saying “for” or “against.”
The results were 32 for and 1 against, passing the revisions.
Attached is the roster with present voting members checked.

Treasurer’s report: This month’s expenses : $2108.43 bal. $2252.57.
Treasurer’s report is attached.

Equipment manager reported no change.

Web manager reported no change.

Librarian reported 2 new PSA journals added to the library.

New Business

Program subject suggested: How do you Store and Catalogue your photo library? Possible theme for March program.
Competition results:

Macro: 3rd Paul Evans
2 Mike Barker
  1. Dave Tollefsrud
Creative : 3rd Larry Headley
  1. Mike Barker
  1. Gary Prill
Nature : 3rd Paul Bellinger
3rd. Steve Schwiesow
2nd Marti Barker
. tie for 2nd Larry Cameron
1st Mike Barker
Photojournalism: 3rd Don Loeske
2nd Paul Bellinger
  1. Gary Prill
Pictorial: (1st) Paul Bellnger
(2nd) Larry Headley
(3rd Marty Barker

Travel : (3rd) Mike Barker
(2nd) Don Loeske
(1at) Marti Barker

Assigned subject is night scenes. Pictures are due on the 19th of this month.

OCC Minutes December 1, 2012

OCC Minutes December 1, 2012

Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Myers Burmeister
First meeting of the month a little business and then digital reveal. Let’s spend the money
T Report OCC General $3638.29 still have to pay the lawyer N4C $closed 687.16 transferred to general account. Two donations to Father Doll and Dr. Simmons $100 each Next meeting will have a more formal report. N4C profit has not been finalized and computed by Tim White.
Still working with the attorney on his fees. Any new memberships see Tim at the end of the meeting.
Secretary – all minutes have been sent to Don to be put up on the website. Starting in January minutes will only be taken at the business meeting on the first meeting of the month.
Cookie Monster – Dorothy Samson THANK YOU
Guests – Gary Hunt wife gave him permission to join the club. Works part time. Like nature and landscape. Uses lightroom can’t afford photoshop…lol.
Equipment – Dhruba same situation color monkey is out T Pfeffer has it.
Library – Ron no changes since last meeting
Pot Luck on 12/15/15 see Ina for sign up
By Laws were sent out after the last meeting and Larry and Irv commented please review because on the 5th of January they will be voted on and we need to have a quorum 50% of the active membership or an email vote by proxy no later than 1/5/2015 to the president.
Father Doll - Dave is enjoying the calendar that has been produced. There are two locations to obtain the calendar. Dave T has flyers on how to order the calendars if ordered on the website it is $13.50 vs $15. Dave thinks this would make a great Christmas gift. Carol in his office you can call her and it is listed on our blog. Tax donation as well for his work. Nikki commented on how nice the calendar is and a good reason to purchase.
Paul Evans asked --Did anyone go to St Marys to see his work?
There is a March 5th Arena Cross information up front that needs to be completed and if you have questions see Paul Bellinger.
March 29 & 30 Shutter Feast in St. Louis cost is $99 in Union Station. See Dhruba for more information.
Linda found a speaker for the January meeting Tom Plambeck who is a retired Omaha World Herald for 10 years.
Dhruba will be the speaker in February on flash photography
Nikki / Larry entered a contest 6 months ago sponsored by Saunders County Health Foundation they were to pick 55 images to print larger Larry had 4 selected//Nikki had 3 and cash prizes Larry had honorable mention.,
N4C results for November: 7 members entered 36 entries 10 awards. 4 ribbons Larry has the break down. Can be found on the blog.
Discussion on how to address weather issues:
Check the website, text messages
The adjournment of the business portion of the meeting. Digital Reveal for December Jeff Wild
Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, Secretary  

OCC Minutes November 17, 2015

OCC Minutes November 17, 2015

Tom called the meeting to order at 6:30 at the OHB.
A review was of the survey of the Focus on Omaha conference was done and a review of the comments. Discussion of the review of the survey and comments.
The 501C3 bylaws and review and comments to the Bylaws so we can by January 1st there will be no additional revisions and that would be a deadline and cut off to approval the bylaws…Are there questions from the floor.
John Adams comments: Election of the entire board all at one time starting with a fresh board could be problem matic if everyone would rotate off at one time.
John Adams - Term limits having a term set would be a thing to look at.
Lots of legal jargen and needing to clean up the legal Jaren without stepping on anyone legal toes.
Any additional questions or comments.
Dave McDonald – questioned when the bylaws were emailed out and Ina asked if everyone had read the bylaws.
Nikki McDonald – do the show and tell and then discuss the bylaws if time permits.
One business meeting each month and limit in time to 30 minutes.
Larry Headley would suggest that you put the comment in writing for ease of the meeting. Written comments into Tom Pfeffer by December 1st. And a notice will be mailed and the vote will be made at the January 5th meeting.
Tim White reported on the new collection of dues. December 15th for dues to be. If you are not current with your dues you will not be able to participate in the vote, or competitions until dues are paid and current.
Recognize guest Bernie did he hear about , Rich Fiddelke told him about our group.
Nikki McDonald has score sheets for the print competition. The total score is meaningless and with so many judges it is not worthwhile to give you any input. But if you want the score sheets see Nikki. If you placed please get the digital file to Nikki so it can be placed on the website.
Myers Burmeister President introduced himself and explained his absence and wanted thank Tom as lead during his absence.
Show and Tell…
Additional discussion on the bylaws as per the power point handout attached.
Discussion of the categories for the competition in Sept/Oct 2016 will be discussed by May.
Are board meetings open to general membership? There is not a problem with having general member present at the board meetings.
Suggestion by Dave McDonald to raise the $25 amount to $50 for the executive committee okay to spend.
Dues will be set by the board of directors currently the amount is what it has been in the past.
Seal – will make a stamp of our logo to be used on any official documents
Membership cards – we have and are maintained by the treasurer.
The bylaws will be sent with a request to have the suggestions in writing to Tom Pfeffer by 12/1 and will be voted on January 5th.
Respectfully submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss

OCC Minutes November 3, 2015

OCC Minutes November 3, 2015

Reminder that dues are due for 2016 by end of December, dues are pro rated to be in alignment with the new non profit status and dues are now deductiable
October N4C competition 5 people 7 awards
Made motion for badges by Tom and seconded by Larry motion carried
We have 50 prints that the club will judge this evening.
Business adjourned and Nikki explained the judging process.
Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, Secretary

OCC Minutes October 20, 2015

OCC Minutes October 20, 2015

Meeting Called to order by Ina Ohnmeiss @6:30

Visitor – Dorothy Sansom friend of Eva Lovas

Badges will be 2 1/4 “
T Report OCC General $1729 N4C $2640.13

Color Monkey is out to Ron Schmidt

Business portion adjourned and show and tell started
Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, Secretary

OCC Minutes October 06, 2015

OCC Minutes October 06, 2015

Called to order by Tom Pfeffer @ 6:30

Minutes give to me by Tom Pfeffer as Secretary Ina Ohnmeiss was not at the meeting

21 People present

Guest : Greg Hall from Fremont

TR OCC General $2380.13 N4C $2921.20

N4C Committee meeting scheduled for 10/09/15 (convention wrap up)

Committee Reports:
Webmaster – Clarifications made
Competition Jeff Wild
Cookie Monster – Steve S. THANK YOU!
N4C September Results 34 entries, 9 member 10 awards

Reminder of the Florence Mill on 10/10
Rockbrook on the 25th

Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, Secretary

OCC Minutes September 29, 2015

OCC Minutes September 29, 2015

called to order by Tom Pfeffer @ 6:30
Tom briefly talked about our Guest Speaker this evening Mike Watkins from the OHB. Tom met Mike at the event that OCC took photos for on 8/1&2 and once he met Mike knew that the rest of the club needed to hear more about OHB.
Treasurer Report OCC General $2380.13 N4C$2856.92 would like to close ASAP
There is a ticket for the Husker Fan breakfast that David McDonald is offering to any member. Tom Osborne is the speaker and the breakfast is at 6:30 am at Anthonys.
Cookie Monster is Irv Cobb – THANK YOU!!
Deadline for N4C competition is 10/10 please give to Larry and Larry needs 3 judges.
Print competition – Ina will collect prints in Nikki’s absence and all prints need to be in by the last meeting in October. Limit 4 prints per person.
We will keep the Facebook page up for just a bit longer
Sandra suggested name tags and she has a button maker and if the club will pay for materials she will make the buttons.
Reminder of Florence Mill on 10/10 1:30 -4:30 we have 7 people committed to show prints
Talked about the Benson Zombie walk coming up
We need speakers for next year see Tom Pfeffer.
Ina mention the “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” needing photographers
Without further discussion Mike Watkins was introduced from OHB, give a warm welcome to Mike!
Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, Secretary

OCC Minutes September 15, 2015

OCC Minutes September 15, 2015

called to order by Myers Burmeister @ 6:30
Treasurer Report OCC General $2830.13 N4C $15152.55 + /1,000 more to deposit
Secretary – no report
Equipment – no change
Library – donation of PSA journals from Larry Headley
Respectfully Submitted,
Ina Ohnmeiss, Secretary
There is a ticket for the Husker Fan breakfast that David McDonald is offering to any member. Tom Osborne is the speaker and the breakfast is at 6:30 am at Anthonys.
Cookie Monster is Irv Cobb – THANK YOU!!
Deadline for N4C competition is 10/10 please give to Larry and Larry needs 3 judges.
Print competition – Ina will collect prints in Nikki’s absence and all prints need to be in by the last meeting in October. Limit 4 prints per person.
We will keep the Facebook page up for just a bit longer
Sandra suggested name tags and she has a button maker and if the club will pay for materials she will make the buttons.
Reminder of Florence Mill on 10/10 1:30 -4:30 we have 7 people committed to show prints
Talked about the Benson Zombie walk coming up
We need speakers for next year see Tom Pfeffer.
Ina mention the “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep” needing photographers
Without further discussion Mike Watkins was introduced from OHB, give a warm welcome to Mike!
Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, Secretary

OCC Minutes September 1, 2015

OCC Minutes September 1, 2015

Meeting called to order by Tom Pfeffer @ 6:30
This is the first of our 3 monthly meetings with the exception of November & December.
Guest tonight Doug Watson whom was a previous member and joined in 1961.
Treasurer Report OCC General $2830.13 N4C $14734.01
There was a donation to the Library of 3 books written by Scott Kelby
We are in need of a screen for the conference
Marty Barker is looking for Cookie Monstes for September / October
Introduction of board members: Directors Larry Headley, Gary Prill & Paul Evans
Review of conference updates as listed above, we are in the final countdown to the 17th of September when the conference will be in full swing.
121 people registered, 9 competition judges & spouses
Vendors – offered meals
Need 131 people // 8 more at $189 or 15 day registrants to have no out of pocket costs
Volunteers still needed please see Linda Davis to sign up.
Need Print Competition judge – suggested that the club judge as we did in the spring.
It was mentioned to go to less meetings per month and a proposal will need to be put together in order to bring this in front of the general membership.

OHB to come and speak at the 9/29 meeting. And we will wrap up any conference loose ends
Fort Akinson both Saturday/Sunday 1820’s this is over Labor Day weekend get out there and take some photos. Living History Group
Fort Calhoune 10am – 4 pm each of the two days over Labor Day. Good family fun
Nebraska State Fair, Fort Omaha Pow Wow, Dittmars CB Hot Air Balloon , Florence Mill on 10/10 OCC Club Showing 1:30 – 4:30 Pleas participate. Florence Mill has a huge email list and will promote this event for us.
Rockbrook Plaza Art Festival @ 108th.
Paul Evans has a showing at Metro on 11/11
Tax exempt status IRS has application, no decision as of yet.
Business portion of the meeting was adjourned.
Digital Reveal was started for the September Digital Competition.

Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, Secretary

OCC Minutes August 18 2015

OCC Minutes August 18 2015

Meeting called to order by Tom Pfeffer @ 6:30
Tonight is show and tell
Welcome New People
Tom explained Myers’ absence
Treasurer Report OCC General $2830.13 N4C $878.01
Library – Ron Schmidt no change
Equimpment – Dhruba color monkey is out
New Members – none
Cookie Monster – Linda Davis, THANK YOU!!
Website – Don Cross
Status of our 501(C)3 – Still waiting on State approval
September assigned is Glass
Suggested that OHB have free membership as long as they are at the school and are an employee of the OHB. Craig made motion Al seconded motion carried. Membership will have to be renewed annually.
Linda is working on Volunteers for the N4C Conference e please see Linda to volunteer
Paul made a motion that we give the following free meal at the N4C conference:
2- OHB 2- Edward Jones 2 – Andi/Rob AHL Magazine
1 – Kara @AKSARBEN 2 – Chuck Rockbrook Camera 1 – Mangelsens
A second was made by Jeff Wild and motion ;carried

Business portion adjourned and Show and Tell was started.
Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, Secretary

OCC Minutes July 21, 2015

OCC Minutes July 21, 2015

Meeting opened by Larry Hadley. Seven guests introduced themselves and may become members.

Note – All seven joined at the meeting.

Treasurer’s report: We have enough money - Please turn in convention registrations to Tim.

Linda Davis The annual picnic will be Aug 15, 11-2 at Lake Manawa, another main dish is still needed.

Showing at Edwards Jones on August 7 for a week, members may want to stop by and view.

Convention registration is due as soon as you can get them in.

Omaha Home for Boys needs 2 photographers on Aug 1 and Aug 2. General photos of the events are
what is needed. Let Ina know if you can help out.

Larry needs 2 people to help with the N4C photo contest. Paul Evans and Paul Bellinger volunteered.

The Sept competition will be coming up quick so entries should be summited in August. The August
meeting will call for volunteers to be judges.

N4C September contest entries are due by Sept 10.

Show and Tell plus cookies followed.

OCC Minutes June 16, 2015

OCC Minutes June 16, 2015

OCC Meeting called to order at 6:30 by Tom Pfeffer vice president. Myers Burmeister current president is traveling for work.
We tried to skype Myers in but it timed out and we moved on with the meeting.
Tom, stated that Myers was traveling and that we will be cutting the meeting short as we need a fun evening since last month the entire meeting was taken up with N4C Conference business.
Guests – Rob he has been here before a year or so ago and is becoming a new member
Tom Pfeffer is the cookie monster
Ron Schmidt – list of items in the library are now part of our assets. $1100 value. Ina did an Amazon search for cost of items and this is now listed on our website.
Dhruba – Equipment //Color Monkey is out and wolverine is out
List of equipment and description of what it does will be added to the website
Old Business:
August 7th is the Edward Jones Benson First Friday window exhibit. See Linda Davis if you are wanting to participate.
August 15th is our Annual Club Picnic at Lake Manawa park. Thank you Linda Davis for obtaining this location.
Linda and Tom will be visiting camera clubs to boost the attendance for the Focus on Omaha N4C Conference in September.
New Business:
Incorporated as Nonprofit Organization. The bylaws are signed right or wrong they can be amended. The 501C(3) is to be overnighted to the IRS by Dave Wilson the attorney.
Focus on Omaha – we have dropped the breakfast and lunch options and lowered the cost to $159. OCC Members cost will be $80.
Don Cross had suggestions for the website and the board gave him a 100% go ahead with the web changes.
We need to reconstruct our history – Larry Headley took the old club minute books and said he would make this a “winter project” if no one else is willing to do this.
We should obtain a “media guru” to take care of the FB, OCC Website, Printrest, Twitter so we can attract more of the under “30” crowd to our club.

WWWWH – Who, What, Where, When , Why, How – we should all be talking about this and explaining to people about the Focus on Omaha Conference
Dropped off additional materials to Rockbrook and the employees did not know about the conference. Tom offered to do a quick educational session but has not heard back from Chuck.
Now on to the fun of seeing photos for show and tell…..

Submitted 9/29/15
Ina Ohnmeiss

OCC Minutes May 19, 2015

OCC Minutes May 19, 2015

Tom Pfeffer, (our new vice-president) opened the meeting at 6:30.

Treasurer: Tim White reported the club balance is $2736.88 and the N4C balance $763.58, but we need to pay

$450 in printing.

Secretary: No news to report

Library: Ron Schmidt says to email him if there is anything you’d like to check out. Tom Pfeffer asked Ron to

make a PDF of library inventory for the website.

Equipment: no report

Old Business: Ina brought prints from the N4C contest to be picked up. Tom read the list of new officers and

board members for 2015 – 2017. He also reviewed the assigned categories for competitions in the upcoming

year. Gary asked if the new bylaws for the OCC as an incorporation had been voted on and then requested they

be posted on the website.

Photo ops in Upcoming Events (check each group’s website for details)
UNMC is sponsoring a Lauritzen Garden Walk; Tom Green questioned the fairness of their allowing easels for

artists but not tripods, although Larry Headley said tripods are allowed when he teaches a workshop.
Countryside Village
Summer Art Festival
Sand in the City
Special Olympics in Omaha
Nature Conservancy has a photo contest going on for the next month.

It’s proposed that there be a calendar of shooting events that members can easily access on our website.

OCC Summer Picnic: August 15th is the set date with Walnut Creek as a suggested site, but Linda Davis will

also investigate other places.

N4C: Tom Pfeffer is in contact with Omaha Magazine and will meet with them to further discuss how we can work


Next Meeting: June 16

Break for Pizza

Post Pizza Business: Ina presented plans for the N4C convention and gave each member a handout. Ina and Tom

will meet with the lawyer this Thursday. We are behind in getting our incorporation and 5013c status because

Tom says the state of Nebraska, not the lawyer, is in control of the process. However, the status is

retroactive so we can accept donations now. We could more easily be a 5017, but that doesn’t give donors the

ability to deduct donations.

Tom spoke on donor outreach along with the importance of financial donors and how to reward them. Tim White

suggested we compile a list of activities the OCC has done in behalf of the community.

Tom spoke about the 8.5 x 11 information sheet created for the conference and also the trifold flier or a

postcard to be given to Rockbrook Camera customers. There is an extensive email list we can use to send links

to our website, to facebook, etc.

Gary Prill presented on the website “Focus on Omaha” which he created for the N4C conference. He showed us

how it can link people to popular sites in Omaha they might want to visit. Attendees can see and print the

full page flier and the trifold flier in PDF format. There is a schedule of events they can download and

print. There’s a registration page with a link to the Ramada Hotel. Attendees can read about presenters, how

to be a donor, and how to contact the OCC. The site also has the 15 minute video that Gary created about

Omaha using member photographs.

Tom put links to our Facebook page on the pages of many area professional photographers. We still need more

people to “Like” the “Focus on Omaha” Facebook site.

Tom spoke about the budget: fixed costs of about $10,000 and variable costs. We’d need 320 people to break

even, but that’s a hefty number to achieve which is why we need donors. Tom also spoke about registration

fees which will have an early registration discount and a deadline registration to get a meal. Club members

will be charged less than the general public. If a profit is made, we will decide as a club if we want to

refund part of the individual registrations of OCC members. N4C wants $1,000 back and a small percentage of

the profits.

Tom asked member Barb Smith to review his Excel program for possible errors. He presented the number of

attendees at the last 5 conferences. We need to hope for more than 132. We also need many OCC members to both

attend and help with the activities. Even with 150 attendees and 20 club members, we still need $5,000 in

donations. Tom encouraged members to recruit donors.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30.

Submitted by

Secretary Marty Barker

OCC Minutes May 5, 2015

OCC Minutes May 5, 2015

President Paul Bellinger opened the business meeting at 6:30.  He presented the 3 panoramas (by Nikki

NcDonald, Paul Bellinger and Mike Barker) that went to the N4C Print contest at Springbrook.

Summer Meeting  Schedule: only one meeting per month in June, July, August on the 3rd Tuesday.  An August

picnic is in the planning stage.

Treasurer:   Tim White reported the club balance is $2718.40 and the N4C balance $763.58  Tom Green is a new

member.  Larry Fritz returned home from skilled nursing.  

Library:  no report

Equipment:  no report

N4C:  Larry listed our many winners from the April print contest.  We’ll need to do headshots of OCC members

for the conference.   A Trifold brochure about the conference is available at Rockbrook Camera Stores and

will be given to customers with their purchases.

5013C:  Corporation status has been filed and the rest is still in progress so Meyers will contact the

attorney soon for an update.  $533 will cover the club insurance.

Election of Officers and Board Members for a two year term:
Rules permitted Secretary Marty Barker to pass one vote for the following slate:
President:  Myers Burmeister
Vice President:  Tom Pfeffer
Secretary: Ina Ohnmeiss
Treasurer:  Tim White
Digital Coordinator:  Jeff Wild
Print Coordinator:  Nikki McDonald
Equipment:  Druba Chakravarti
Librarian:  Ron Schmidt
Website:  Don Cross
N4C Rep:  Larry Headley
Board of Directors:  Larry Headley, Gary Prill, Paul Evans
Events - see website or contact Paul Bellinger for more information.
OCC members were rejected as credentialed photographers for the Garth Brooks concert, but asking for the

status at least got us a contact on the MECCA board
Display at Edward Jones in Benson “First Fridays.”
Florence Mill near Mormon Bridge could provide some space for us.
Copies of calendar of events for members to take home are on the snack table tonight
Work with Metro Magazine and Spirit of Omaha so these publications will continue to call on us as needed
Sand in the City coming up soon
When shooting with credentials, it’s important to learn what can/can’t be done with your photos outside the


Survey Monkey Results – Members want:
More education and understanding about the processes of cameras, websites, etc.
Pick assigned subjects that club members can work on together during outings throughout the year
Less competition, but perhaps more prints?
Allow judges to put comments directly on Smug Mug
Be sure all members know when digital and print entries are due.

Society for Preservation of Old Mills: brochure contains a photo by Paul Bellinger

7:30 Break with snacks provided by Nancy Oudheusden

Assigned Subjects for 2015-16:

September - Glass
October - Straight out of the camera
November - People (print competition)
December - Motion
January - Macro
February - Night Scenes
March - Black and White (print competition)
April - Bokeh (blurred images)

Next Meeting:  Show and Tell (10 images), N4C volunteer sign up

OCC Minutes April 28, 2015

OCC Minutes April 28, 2015

President Paul Bellinger opened meeting at 6:30 pm.  20 member, 0 visitors
Treats:  Trish Place
Treasurer Report:  $2718 OCC account, $763.58 N4C account
N4C digital results April  34 entries, 7 members (check website) – last N4C digital contest due 5/10/15
Myers reported on Springbrook conference – attendance 68,   22 panoramic print entries – Nikki 2nd place,

Paul 3rd place, Mike Barker honorable mention, good presenters/information, a lot of interest in Omaha

conference in September.  Future conferences:  2016 Fargo, ND, 2017 Rapid City, SD
Club is set to display at Benson First Friday, August 7 at Edward Jones, 6200 Maple St.  Further details to

Handout on summer events in Omaha area.
Upcoming Meetings:
May 5th – Business meeting to nominate/vote on officers, discussion on results of Survey Monkey.
May 19th – Business meeting to decide assigned subjects for next year.
June/July/August – 3rd Tuesdays
August – picnic to be determined
Tom Pfeffer had powerpoint presentation on status of N4C conference.  Flyers, brochures, registration forms

were discussed, as well as sponsors, volunteers needed.  Website/facebook sites go live May 1st.

Paul Bellinger had Lightroom presentation tips, i.e. storage selection, labeling photo priority, applying

settings, changing backgrounds.

OCC Minutes April 21, 2015

OCC Minutes April 21, 2015

President Paul Bellinger opened the meeting at 6:30.  22 members/2 guests present.

Tonight’s Treats:  brought by Ina Ohnmeiss         Tonight’s program:  Show and Tell
Social:  Tim White prepared a tiger photo poster we can sign for Larry Fritz in rehab in CB;
Treasurer’s Report:  Tim absent because of surgery
N4C Conference at Springbrook: Ina has brochures; only Ina and Myers are going.

Events:  Benson has “First Fridays”Art walk; 6200 Maple, Edward Jones  May 7 – 9.  May’s walk will be a

window display only, photos displayed for one week.  Also will happen Aug 7th, when office WILL be open so it

will be a bigger open house.  Contact Linda Davis.

Railroad Photo Ops:  Contact Paul Bellinger for info on upcoming RailRoad events.
Garth Brooks:  Contact Paul Bellinger about photo ops at this musical concert.
Sand in the City:  June 5 – 7. Trish not available but help will be needed.  Contact Paul B.
Horsemans Park: Horses and horseracing May 7 – 8

Nebraska Schools Activities Association:  No shooting of championship events this year.  We didn’t meet their


N4C Conference:  Finalized N4C brochure, 501c3 status corp papers filed, and form to IRS’s OK is in process.

  There is a grant $5,000 to cover expenses of process.
Members attending N4C conference will pay $150 for 2 days and $75 for 1 day.

Upcoming Meetings:
May 5 – new officers to be elected, results of survey monkey.
May 19 – choose assigned subjects for next year.
June, July, and August have one meeting only;  we need to decide on August picnic date.

Guest Presentation Tonight: Tom Pfeffer introduced “Metro Magazine” publisher and CEO Andi Hoig, and Rob

Kilmer.  They cover the nonprofit community, philanthropy, etc.  Their network might help us as a 5013c make

community contacts. Metro Magazine could also provide a forum through online and print media here in town to

promote us.  Our member Tom Pfeffer could be a liason.  As a quid pro quo, the magazine could enlist our

photographic services.  Maybe Andi and Rob could help our progress with the championship issue with NSAA.

 Andi and Rob’s contact info (esp. emails) are in the magazine samples they handed out at the meeting.

 People can go to to create an account, put an event on it and they will start the

connecting process to see how they can help promote the event.

Next meeting: Bring images in Lightroom. Paul Bellinger will teach post processing

OCC Minutes April 7, 2015

OCC Minutes April 7, 2015

Treasurer:  $2896.43 in the club account.   $463.66 in the N4C Conference account.

Equipment:  Sue Baxter said the scanner is available, but the color monkey is out.

Library:  Ron Schmidt encouraged members to borrow reading materials.

Springbrook Conference:  You must register for the cheaper rate by April 10th.

Lincoln camera club:  invites all regional clubs on April 14 to see rodeo photos.

Quest Center: will have good photo journalism ops of horses and riders in action.  These horses may go to the

Olympics. They have interesting different breeds in pens around the perimeter and you can talk to the owners

who let you take photos, which are better without flash so the horses won’t spook.  Trish Place reported she

doesn’t know if theres a limit on lens size.  Not sure if seating is assigned.

N4C digital photos:  are due to Larry Headley by April 10th.  In the travel category be sure to have the name

of the place in the title of photos. Paul Bellinger also discussed tips for great photo journalism pictures

which should be close-in and action packed.  Go on the N4C website for examples.

Horse Racing Photo Ops:  Horseman’s park has racing May 7 – 9.

Rebuilding Together as Community Service for Photographers, Too:  On April 25, photographers are need to

document an event improving low income houses in Omaha.  The served area is between Leavenworth and Vinton

and 16th and 24th.  It starts about 8 or 9 a.m. and runs til 5 or 6 p.m. at the latest.  Contact Trish Place

or visit the OCC blog.

Tonight’s Program Digital Reveal:  63 total entries.   Comments are on Smug Mug.  Myers will set up the

galleries so we can see the comments without a password.

Cannon Equipment for Sale:  Jeff Patterson is selling top of the line Cannon items.  See Larry Headley or the

blog for more info.

OCC Minutes March 31, 2015

OCC Minutes March 31, 2015

President Paul Bellinger opened the meeting at 6:30.  There were 35 members and guests present.  Snacks were

provided by Jan and Irv Cobb.

Treasurer:  Tim White reported $2871.43 in the club account and $463.66 in the N4C account.
Library: No report because Librarian Ron Schmidt was absent.
Equipment:  Sue Baxter reported that the color monkey is available.
March Print Competition:  Nikki McDonald has now returned all prints.

Tonight’s program:  Tim White gave an excellent presentation about his personal experience with nature

photography and included many practical tips.  He will also give this presentation at the N4C Omaha

Conference in September.

Next OCC Meeting:  April 7th will be a digital reveal of April entries.  The assigned category is “critters.”

 We have a total of 63 entries in all 6 categories to be revealed.

OCC Meeting April 28th:   Paul B will present working in Lightroom with raw photos, but other members can

bring computers to share processing in other programs if there is time.  

N4C Competition:  Larry Headley reported on the March competition.  There were 38 photos from 7 member who

won 13 awards representing 33% of those given out.

N4C Springbrook Conference:   April 24 – 26th;  Myers Burmeister will present a show on storage; Ina

 Ohnmeiss will present an update on conference information; panaramas for the print competition need to be

given to Myers by Tuesday, April 21 so he can take them to the conference.   Be sure to pay strict attention

to requirements on the panarama photos which must have a ratio of at least 2 (width) to 1(height) and have an

area limit of 320 sq. in.

N4C officers ballot:  See Paul Bellinger if you are interested in running.

OCC as a Corporation with 5013c Status: It will cost $583 per year for club insurance which will cover any

member at any event we sponsor or participate in.

Lincoln Club will meet April 14th at 7:00 pm giving a program on rodeo photography.  Anyone from our club is

invited to visit.

Community Service for Photographers:  an Omaha event improving low income houses needs photographers.  The

served area is between Leavenworth and Vinton and 16th and 24th.  See Trish Place if you are interested.

 Info is also on the blog.

Selling Photography at Arts and Crafts shows: Steve Schwiesow shared his experience.


Paul Bellinger and several members went to Wisconsin snowcross.
Paul Bellinger, Gary Prill, Beth Button, and Ron Schmidt went to motocross at Mid America
Garth Brooks is coming up.
If you’d like to attend a credentialed event, see Paul Bellinger for instructions.

OCC Minutes March 17, 2015

OCC Minutes March 17, 2015

Vice President Myers Burmeister presided with 24 members present.

Treasurer:   No change in our balance from the last meeting.

Tonight’s Program:

Print Contest:  Nikki presided over the finishing of the critique of the entries, followed by a reveal of the


Break: Cookies were provided by Larry Cameron.

Show and Tell:  Members showed only 6 photos each because of the print contest.

N4C Business:  We have received final papers for incorporation and then we can file for 501C3 status.   We

will need 7 members on the board of directors (4 officers and 3 at large).  A quarum is 25% of membership.  A

report must be filed with the state every two years.  Changes can be made once a year at the May meeting.

 From here on, the officers are elected for two years.

501C3 status does not make us exempt from Nebraska tax, but there may be some kind of paperwork we could

submit to the state for an exemption.

OCC Minutes February 24, 2015

OCC Minutes February 24, 2015

Treasurer’s report:  OCC acct.  $2847.23
N4c   $463.66 with expected expenditure of  $200.00
Equipment report:  The Color  Monkey is out and the  scanner is available.
Library notice:  Fr. Don Doll book available

Next meeting is March 3rd and will be the print competition reveal with a guest judge.

N4C  winners for this month include a 1st place for Mike B.arker in the travel category. Congratulations.

Photo Ops and meetings:

Iowa Fair Linn Camera Club  Speaker at Cedar Rapids  Free  April 25  (Springbrook weekend)  (Sorry I didn’t

get the name of the speaker, but Paul and others expressed their opinion that it was a worthwhile trip.)

KPAQ  is interested in video taping OCC meeting or broadcasting local video.  Gary will send the club video

that he made. Anyone else interested in entering a self-created video may enter as well.

Arena Cross Event will be at Mid America  - Feb.  26, 27, 28

Goose count at Squaw creek,  various eagle sightings around the area.

Trips to Ecuador are available, with information to be obtained from Trish.

The Lauritzen Garden orchid show is next weekend.

Additional information and business
Ina was cookie monster, bringing home-baked goodies.
20 members including Barbara Smith, guest, were present.

Gary inquired if there were any problems with calendar?  Please let Gary know if you cannot access meeting


Larry expressed thanks to the judges of last month’s digital competition and the great comments on the


N4C  convention notes : If anyone has any contact to any large corporations or potential sponsors,  let Paul

know if you can be a contact person.

Ina has sample copies of donations letters to send (or take) to potential sponsors.

The Program schedule is now 2-tracked instead of 3. Members received a color-coded spreadsheet that is

clearer to read and visually appealing.

Check schedule to see if you are planning to present to make sure you are listed properly.

Nikki will contact steam punk group to schedule times and place of appearance

Program:  Nancy Ouderhuisen  presented a very interesting slideshow of her  photos from Desoto Bend and  gave

 information about the history of the park and   the flora and fauna that can be seen on the trails.  She

mentioned that the wildlife is quite accessible without extensive walking, because visitors are not allowed

more that a few feet from the road or trail.
Pictures included a variety of birds and mammals, landscapes and experimental camera work showcasing the

colors and patterns to be seen there.
Minutes - March 3, 2015

Meeting called to order at 6:30 pm by President Paul Bellinger. Twenty three members and one guest present.

Treasure Tim White is home recovering from cataract surgery. We look forward to seeing you at our next

meeting. Best wishes for a very speedy recovery.

Special thanks to Nancy O for her DeSoto Bend presentation at

our last meeting. Great job Nancy, well done.

Larry Headley announced results from the last N4C competition.

Our club had 32 entries and received 11 awards. First place by Mike Barker, 4 honorable mentions and 5 merit

award!  Well done!

This evening is our second and final print competition for the club year. Our judge for

this evening had a death in his family, so Nikki and David came up with "plan B". Each member present

received a group of judging sheets and all of us participated in the judging. We had great discussion on the

prints and were not able to get through all the prints, so we will finish at our next meeting.

Cookie Monster:

Tom Pfeffer, thank you Tom.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Submitted by Sue Baxter
Standing in for Secretary

Marty Barker

OCC Minutes February 17, 2014

OCC Minutes  February 17, 2014

President Paul Bellinger opened the meeting at 6:30.  There were 23 members present.

Snacks:  Provided by Tim White
Treasury:  The club account has $2,847.43 and the N4C account has  $463.66  
Equipment:  Sue Baxter reported that all equipment is available.
Library: Ron Schmidt  reported no changes

Tonight’s Program:   Show and Tell
Next Program:  On Feb 24 Nancy Oudheusden will present photos on Desoto National Wildlife Refuge before the

flood and drought.

PSA:  The latest issue of PSA magazine features Linda Gustafson from the Lincoln Camera Club.  Linda’s

pictures from her recent trip to Antarctica are shown in the article.

N4C Competition:  This month there are 32 entries from 8 members, same as last month; but this month we could

only enter 5 categories, not 6, because we judged photo journalism.  Larry Headley will check on whether we

can submit prints to the N4C May competition.

N4C Conference Reports:

Paul Bellinger with Tom Pfeffer (?) or Myers Burmeister (?):  Attorney Dave Wilson said a 501c7 status

(self-nominating with only a 990 form) doesn’t allow the receiving  of donations,
so a 5013c status is more desireable.  Printed info on the incorporation was passed around.

Linda Davis and Ina Ohnmeiss went to the hotel and found we can only run 2 tracks of speakers, not 3; Dave

Tollesfrud may have to rework the schedule.  We need to finalize contracts with speakers and vendors.

Tom Pfeffer is making a conference Facebook page and has gotten our info out to many different camera clubs.

 We can start promoting our speakers on the social site.  The question arose whether we can use members

photos on the web during the conference.   Most people seem OK with it, but Tom should be notified of any


Gary Prill has done a great job on the Omaha slide show, but we won’t put it on the internet until after the

spring N4C conference.   Gary says we’re waiting for more information about setting up our Pay Pal account.

 We should be able to use credit cards on Paypal.

Nikki McDonald contacted Father Don Dahl at Creighton.  He might have a conflict and won’t know for a month,

but if he’s available he’ll do at least 1 session as a day time presenter.  Steampunk is penciled in with an

event both Friday and Saturday.  There is a Steampunk member who could present on “What is Steampunk.”

Linda Davis: Springbrook Mini N4C registration will be available at meetings the next few weeks.

Paul Bellenger went to the Lincoln club and answered questions about the conference.  As a club the members

devote most of their time to contests – both PSA and their own competitions.


Wisconsin Snowmobile Event:  Photographers need the credentials of USAC membership ($150) and a pit pass

($150);  Paul Bellinger prefers a non-event VIP.  See Paul B. for more information.

Arena Moto-Cross event:  Mid America Center, March 6 – 8. See Paul B. for more info about getting access with

your camera.

Nature Op:  If you’d like to take photos of prairie chickens, grouse, etc. see Tim White;


Sue Baxter showed a photo sent by Trish.  Her twin granddaughters were in red dresses inside a heart  : )

OCC Minutes February 3, 2015

OCC Minutes February 3, 2015

Vice President Myers Burmeister called the meeting to order at 6:40.  21 members present.

Treasurer:  $2,847.43 in the club account and $463.66 in the N4C Conference account.

Secretary:  Marty Barker says we have snack bringers signed up through St. Patrick’s Day.

Equipment:  All available

Snacks:  provided by Larry Headley

March print competition: Nikki will take prints through the Saturday before the meeting on March 3rd when

photos will be judged by Jerry Bartek, a photographer from Blair who does mostly portrait photography.  Four

entries per person is the likely amount we’ll judge.  However in case we can add more, you may enter 2 more

photos if you number them 1 to  6 in order of preference with 1 being most preferred.

PSA Competition: Larry Headley tried a PSA evaluation of his photos.  On our blog you can see the response he

got from them.  It’s agreed that more people should read the blog.

Tonight’s program:  February Competition Reveal by Myers Burmeister; Gary Prill previewed his Omaha slide

show which was beautifully done and well accepted.


N4C Conference Update:  Ina Ohnmeiss opened the second half of the meeting with handouts on the speaker

schedule, speaker agreements, registration steps, and a “to do” list.

Compensation for Speakers:  Doug Hansgate and Roman Kurywczak:   Speakers will be paid Sunday morning with

reimbursement for their expenses Thursday through Sunday only, along with 520 dollars air fare for Roman.

  Sigma is also helping with Roman’s expenses.  Doug is driving and will be given the government rate of 52

cents per mile along with room and meals.   Rockbrook is excited about helping with ANYTHING, especially

providing bags with their logo for handouts.

Visiting Hotel Site:  Any club member can accompany our N4C committee on Feb. 12 to look at the space (3

rooms) we’ll use Ramada Plaza hotel at 3321 South 72nd.  Meet in front lobby.

Discussion of using Steampunk people in photos:  As we consider photo releases, compensation, etc., we need

to find how this type of thing has been handled in the past.  We’ll tell them we’ll give a donation to their

group, but not give a definite dollar amount at this time; and until we get a policy on photo releases in

general, we’ll tell them the photos are not for commercial purposes.

Field Trip discussion:  The Mangelsens tour will now just be a visit to the gallery from 2:00 – 4:00 on

Thursday with 20% off purchases.  Nikki suggested we not call this a field trip, but just let people know the

gallery is available to shop in.  Perhaps as attendees arrive on Thursday, they could have more open time on

their own at places such as Mangelsen’s, Durham Museum, Joslyn Art Museum, Old Market, Lauritzen Gardens.  If

people want to be guided, we could provide maps, carpooling, etc.  Also the info provided by the Convention

Center will be in their bags.  Tom Pfeffer suggested we have the Omaha video playing continuously behind the

registration desk to create interest.  Old Market trips could be both Friday and Saturday.

To Do List:  Pricing is needed on SAC and Lauritzen tours.  Ina will meet with insurance people.  Myers is

still working on 5013c designation.

We have an email for the conference:  We’ll have sites on Google, Facebook, and a

website that Gary Prill is creating.  We’ll have online registration, and discussed using Paypal instead of

credit cards.  Paypal would also  accommodate the younger/more digital-aged generation, as urged by younger

member Steve Frith who reminded us that they rarely pay by check anymore.  However, people who prefer to pay

by check could send them to Ina who will then give them to treasurer Tim White.  Steve also strongly

supported the use of social websites such as Facebook, especially to get the word out and attract

participants.  Brian Alspaugh said we should look at some claims that the OCC isn’t very responsive when

people contact the OCC website.

Sponsor packages:  Ina presented 5 different levels of compensation packages with each representing “x”

dollar amounts in donations.  We are still thinking about how we will compenste other types of participants,

along with special rates for different categories of people attending (i.e. students, photo journalists,

etc).  Tom Pfeffer said it all will depend on our total costs and what we can afford.

Tom Pfeffer also suggested we consider Fr. Don Dahl of Creighton as a speaker.

Submitted Secretary Marty Barker

OCC Minutes - January 20, 2015

OCC Minutes - January 20, 2015

President Paul Bellinger called the meeting to order at 6:30.

Treasurer:  $2,847.43 in the club account and $463.66 in the N4C Conference account.
Library: no report
Secretary:  Marty Barker asked for people to sign up to bring cookies in the coming months.
Equipment:  Tom Pfeffer has the color monkey.  The scanner is available.
Club Survey:  Larry is waiting for more survey results to come in before publishing the results.
Snacks:  provided by Nikki McDonald

N4C:  Nikki took 1st place in the pictoral category for her beautiful graduation photo called “Lydia.”
N4C Conference:  Tonight we are holding our first club meeting at OHB in which half the time is dedicated to

conference planning. We are still trying to determine the number and cost of plaques and awards needed in

September.  Gary Prill is still open to receiving photos for his 15 minute presentation about Omaha, both the

metro and rural areas, attractions, and events.  He will accept members’ photos til the end of the month.  He

has 250 photos now and needs about 50 more.

March print competition: On the first Tuesday of March,  Jerry Bartek of Lincoln will be the judge.  Four

entries per person now seems like a manageable number to have.  Nikki proposed selling the photos to other

members at the meeting.  We’ll continue to think about this.

Events:  Through March 27, Paul Evans has pictures representing 5 themes on display at Metro College on 30th

and Fort Streets.  The display is in the front hall of Building 10.  The St. Cecilia flower show is this

weekend.  Paul Bellinger said sometimes you can go in on Friday during setup to take photos.  No Offutt air

show this year.  Lauritzen Gardens has a Lego show.  Bald eagles are at the power plant south of CB,  and

there’s a white owl north of sioux city.

PSA Competition:  Paul Bellinger said Don Loseke’s Phoenix club (a 500 member club!) has a contest we can

enter through the PSA.  Fee $25.  Contact Paul for more information about stringent rules and our club’s PSA

number which our members will need to use when entering.

Tonight’s program: Show and Tell, but each member is limited to 6 photos because we will discuss the 2015 N4C

Conference plans during the second half of the meeting.

Cookie Break

Planning Meeting for 2015 N4C Conference
7:45 – 8:30

Should we file for 5013C status?  Myers Burmeister and Tom Pfeffer met with Attorney Dave Wilson who

recommended we proceed with this.  He’s a member of a large firm and has taken our case pro bono, so we would

only pay the cost of filing.  As conference hosts, we need this “charitable educational institution” status

to avoid financial liabilities as individuals.  The status will let us take donations as a charity.   The

complete process takes at least 100 days, although once we have filed we can begin to advertise ourselves as

being a 5013C.  Dave works with many nonprofits in the area. The cost for obtaining the 5013C status is $800

– 1,000.   We need an address to use on the form but would be allowed to use the attorney’s address.

We also would like to incorporate which requires the filing of papers and also electing officers and a board

of directors.  Two year reports would need to be filed with the state.

Reasons for the above actions are 1) some members may not want to participate in the conference if we are

subject to individual liability;  2) we wouldn’t have to pay 7% sales tax on expenses such as meals. 3)

provide incentive for donations

Other options are to:
1. stay as we are
2. get event insurance, but it will cost about as much as the 5013c
3. incorporate only and get insurance; cost will be investigated.

Because 21 members were present out of 42 (50%), we took a unanimous but tentative vote by show of hands to

move forward with becoming a 5013C and incorporating.   Because a majority vote was needed, Dave Tollesfrud

voted yes by phone.

Fundraising:  Ina asked for a fundraising coordinator to contact businesses for donations.   However, no one

has officially taken the position yet.

N4C BUDGET:  Tom Pfeffer provided a budget framework for expenses such as meals, hotels, sites to visit,

sponsored trips, door prizes, trophies, plaques, awards, etc.  He also had a list of possible businesses to

contact for donations.  These groups could then receive compensation - for example x number of meal tickets

for x numbers of dollars donated.  It’s possible we will have to mark up some prices as a cushion.   There is

an early estimate for $165 for a meal package for the weekend but that may change.   We might cover some

expenses such as rooms, travel costs, etc. for the N4C president and special speakers.

Tom has put this model together and now we need to deal with its specifics  along with other topics such as

how much to charge walkins who want no meals,  students, etc.

Our OCC members will also have to pay to attend the conference, but they will only buy meals if they are

staying at the hotel.

Suggested keynote speakers are Dr. Lee Simmons or Dennis Pate (past and present zoo directors).  Dhruba

suggested a Chinese photographer named Lim as a special presenter.

Paul Bellinger is invited to speak at the Au Clair and Minneapolis clubs in Minnesota.   He might be able to

get some speakers from them.

Meeting adjourned at 8:45.

Submitted by Secretary Marty Barker

OCC Minutes January 6, 2015

OCC Minutes January 6, 2015

Meeting Called to Order:  Paul Bellinger called the meeting to order at 6:30.

Treasurer’s Report:   Tim White reported $2,847.43 in the club account;  $463.66 in the N4C Conference


Paul Evans:  Brought old film cameras to show.

N4C:  Larry Headley had 3 openings to judge photojournalism in February so Nikki McDonald, Dave Tollesfrud,

and Don Cross volunteered to help.

Library:  Ron Schmidt had nothing to report.

Equipment:  Tom Pfeffer has the color monkey.  The scanner has been returned and is now available.

Secretary:  Marty Barker had nothing to report.

Social News:  Trish Place’s identical twin granddaughters arrived and are doing well.

Free Printer:  Sandy Wentworth is giving away (FREE) an Epson 870 injet printer which prints photos and

you can still buy ink for it.

Don Dudenbostel’s website:  He has a very interesting website with x-ray photos.

N4C conference:  Jan 31 is the date to get omaha photos into Gary Prill for his 15 minute compilation about

Omaha which will be seen at the conference.

N4C Planning Meeting:  January 13th at 7:00 pm at the Millard Library

Special Thanks:  Ina Ohnmeiss thanks Sandi Wentworth and Chruba C. for judging the photos from the Niagra

Falls Club.

Image evaluation service from PSA:  See Sue Baxter for details.

Tonight’s program:  Meyers Burmeister revealed the January competition.  “Twisted” was our assigned

subject.   Ron Schmidt, Larry Headley, Don Cross, and Paul bellinger were the judges.
February judges will be Gary Prill, Dave Tollesford, Marty Barker, and Paul Evans.  Meyers asked about the

best way to send the judging form as a Word document so that it can be edited.  He will try sending the form

“doc” which may be compatible with older forms of Word.

Submitted by Secretary Marty Barker

OCC Minutes December 16, 2014

OCC Minutes December 16, 2014

President Paul Bellinger opened the meeting at 6:30.

Treasurer’s Report:  We have $2822.43 in the club account and $463.66 in the N4C Conference account.

N4C Conference:  Paul gave us the site for an aviation photographer and Omaha native to possibly be a

speaker:  Sandy Wentworth also mentioned photographer John Scanlon from Glenwood,

Iowa.  Nikki McDonald suggested we use a least one meeting per month in 2015 to plan the conference and get

more of our own members involved.  Tim White suggested that we stop some meetings at 8:00 to focus on N4C.

 No decision was made yet.  Ona announced that the next planning meeting is Jan. 13 at the millard library at

7:00 p.m.

Omaha Photos for N4C:  Gary Prill is going to put together some graphics and photos of the Omaha Metro area

and any member can contribute their local photos.  They could be photos of activities year round so that

people from outside of Omaha could return any time of the year to photograph.  Paul will show some of his

tonight.   Any photos donated by members should be marked with copyrights or some kind of key words.  Size

submitted to Gary should be 1280 on the long side.  Nikki suggested we should try to identify each location

with the same name for consistency.

N4C:  Larry Headley reported there are no December or January photo contests.  The competitions will resume

in February.

Secretary’s report:  Marty Barker said our OHB room schedule has been approved for 2015.  Our new OHB contact

is Diane Dabbs.

Tonight’s Program:   Show and Tell

Submitted by

Marty Barker


OCC Minutes December 2, 2014

OCC Minutes  December 2, 2014

President Paul Bellinger opened the meeting at 6:30.

Treasurer:  Tim White reported that we have  $2822.43 in the club account and $463.66 in the N4C Convention


Tonight’s program is the December digital review.  January pictures are due to Myers Burmeister by the 14th –

the assigned category is “Twisted.”  There is no N4C photo contest this month.

N4C:  Last month there were 42 entrees from 9 OCC members with 10 awards in the categories of pictoral,

creative, black and white, nature, and photo journalism.  Paul recommends looking at their website to see

what kinds of pictures are competitive.

Members should check the OCC blog for meetups.  A spot will soon be picked for a group outing to take show

and tell photos.

Tom Manglesen will be in town on 13th from 5 – 9.  It’s an opportunity to meet him.

We need two more judges for our January contest.  Don Cross and Paul Bellinger volunteered.

On the 7th we’ll get 84 photos to judge from the Niagra Falls camera club.  Ina has lined up some judges.

Paul talked about photographers who could do presentations at the 2015 N4C convention in Omaha.  One is Ken

Jarecki.  We also need to create Omaha booklets with advertising.  Paul would like suggestions either at

meetings or by email.  It was suggested we use the Survey Monkey to survey the N4C members.  Larry Headley

will look into the size of a group that the Monkey can handle as well as the number of questions that can be


Paul Evans asked if anyone wants to visit the Metro Community College photography lab at the Elkhorn campus

next Monday night.

Steve Schwiesow is our snack provider tonight.

Submitted by
Marty Barker


OCC Minutes November 18, 2014

OCC Minutes November 18, 2014

Marty reported waiting to hear back from The Omaha Home for Boys chief operating officer for final approval

of our 2015 calendar.

Paul discussed taking yearbook photos for the OHB;  Nikki proposed that some young men there might want both

indoor and outdoor photos.  We could have some members do indoor and others do outdoor.  Paul will get more

information on the yearbook requirements.

N4C:  We had 42 entries from 9 members.

There has been a request for an image of an old building, the Old Polish Home, in South Omaha at 25th and L

Streets.  Sandy Wentworth volunteered to take it and send it to George Sinos.

Nikki handed out the judges individual scores from the November print contest.  She pointed out that the 3

columns of scores are as follows:  1st column is composition, 2nd is technique, and the 3rd is impact.  The

judge was consistent across the board as well as in each category in his scoring,  but he did give lower

scores than other judges we’ve had.

Monday Dec. 8th, at the Elkhorn Metro campus there could be a tour of the photography lab.  Paul will post

this on our site and we may need a headcount of interest.

N4C Issues:  There is the issue of liability at the convention next fall.  Myers Burmeister says we’re not

incorporated and is looking into nonprofit status which could also help in other areas besides liability:

 museum entries, donations, etc.  We could be an educational organizational.   We could use an attorney

($1000) to establish our starus or use legal zoom.   Forms are required by state and federal governments.

Treasurer:  Tim White reported that we have $2,272.43 in our account.  The N4C convention account has


Tonight’s program is Show and Tell by members.  There is no meeting on November 25th.  The next meeting will

be December 2 with the reveal of the Dec. competition.

Marty Barker


OCC Minutes November 4, 2014

OCC Minutes November 4, 2014

Vice President Meiers Burmeister opened the meeting at 6:35.  President Paul Bellinger was out of town.

Treasurer:  Tim White reported $2332.43 in the club account and $50 in the N4C convention fund.

N4C:  Niagra Falls camera club needs judges for their december competition and 3 members have volunteered.

 Ina will receive the digital photos on December 7th and they have to be back by Jan 5th.   Larry Headley got

2nd place in the N4C monthly competition.

December competition:  photos need to be in to Meiers Burmeister by Nov. 9.  The assigned category is “dogs

and cats.”

Tonight’s program:  The business meeting was short due to the print competition this evening.  Nikki

McDonald, organizer of the competition, explained how the reveal would be conducted. There are 69 prints.

 Our judge was Larry Gawel who has a gallery “Workspace” in Lincoln and works at Metro Community College.

Submitted by
Marty Barker


OCC Minutes – October 28, 2014

OCC Minutes – October 28, 2014

Paul Bellinger opened the meeting at 6:30.   There were 33 people present.  Carolyn Howe was the guest of

Janise and Kreg Kinsel

N4C  Larry Headley reported that we have a couple of ribbons and HM  40 entries this month

Club Website & SmugMug:  Questions about our website? see Gary Prill to get you on Smug Mug.

Equipment:  Sue reported the scanner is available.  Paul showed foam guards for resting cameras.

Snack Bringers:  We have cookies thru December but need snacks for 2015.  See Marty Barker.

November Print Contest:  Nikki will take print entries until Saturday at her home.  Reveal is 11/4;  Paul

can’t be here because of serious illness of an extended family member.

December Club Competition:  “Dogs and Cats” is the assigned subject.  Photos should be to Meiers Burmeister

by Nov. 9th.  Remember to use N4C naming rules;   Ask an N4C member to learn how to use your member number

and name the photos.  Larry Headley is finalizing the latest roster with your number, but it never changes

once you have it.

Craig Niedbalski explained some of his old/antique cameras

N4C Conference:  Mike barker won 2 Honorable Mentions at Fall N4C conference.  Ina needs volunteers for 2015

fall conference, esp. a marketer to sell ads.  We have a core of people but need the entire club.  Knights of

Aksarben want to donate; they will have a rodeo the week before.

Judges Wanted:  Ina would like 3 people to judge digital future competitions in the Niagra Frontier Regional

Camera Club.    Contact Ina if interested

Paul’s Photo Tips:  Paul spoke about a wilderness experience of a woman in Alaska.   She was attacked by a

bear with the moral being to be VERY aware of your environment when shooting.

Continued Discussion on Possible Change of Venue:  We discussed preferences for moving our location.

 Something happened with the Monkey Survey sent out by Larry and he didn’t receive any of the results that

many members said they sent him.  A show of hands at the meeting indicated that there is not enough interest

was shown in moving, so we will stay at the OHFB the coming year.    We need to submit the dates in the next

few weeks.

Tonight’s program:  Nikki spoke on her experiences as a photographer:  competitions and participation,

composition, processing and plug-ins.

Submitted by Marty Barker

OCC Minutes October 21, 2014

OCC Minutes October 21, 2014

Paul Bellinger opened the meeting at 6:30.  Paul Evans brought treats.

Guests:   Brenda was introduced by Larry Headley with a recommendation to join the club.
Treasurer:  $2342 in the club account.     $50 in the N4C Convention account.
Equipment:  scanner available.
Library:  PSA journals can be taken home.

N4C:  Two of our members did take 2nd and 3rd place with perfect scores. Full results later.

New locations?:  Possibilities are  HyVee on 168 and Q and Lansky’s but they require eating there.

 Revisiting our choice of the Omaha Public Library at Millard, Sue proposed we have a vote of all members

along with old members we can reach.  Larry Headley can put out a vote on Survey Monkey.  W.e must know our

preference with OPL Millard before Nov. 1

Digital Print Competition: prints due to Nikki McDonald by Oct. 28th.  Rules on club website.

Upcoming photo Ops murals and grafiti in downtown Benson. Images needed for Springbrook.  Zombie Walk this

Saturday in Benson (at 5:00 or 5:30??).  Trish mentioned an Omaha Photographers meet up group.  There will be

a partial solar elipse this Thursday.  Check the club blog for other ops such as downtown Omaha or Kerry


Club business cards:avail able for members to carry and hand out.  They will be reprinted some time next

year, so we’d like feedback on what information should be added to them.

Darkroom Equipment Wanted:  Meiers Burmeister met a lady shooting film who wants darkroom equipment.

October Club Competition Winners:  Meiers will get our October results published this week.

Tonight’s Program:  Show and Tell by Members

Paul’s Show and Tell:  Paul did a follow up on his rodeo shoot and how to work with the communications center

at the Century Link Arena.

Practice for Club Judging: Paul did a brief demo of what could make a given photo better.

Next Meeting:  Nikki will talk about her favorite photos, but if you have ideas for Q & A with her, send them

by email.  She’ll send a link to see her work. She is talented at composition & postprocessing.  Let Paul

know other topics you need help with, leading to club programs.

Submitted by Secretary Marty Barker

OCC Minutes October 7, 2014

OCC Minutes October 7, 2014

The meeting was called to order by Myers Burmeister at 6:30 pm as Paul Bellinger SR was out sick.

Treasurer's Report     General Account $2332.43
                                     N4 C Account $50.00

Paul Evans has an exhibition at the Metropolitan College and Tim White suggested that a gathering be made to

go see the exhibit and take Paul to lunch.

Upcoming events in the area:
        Boy Scott Jubilee
        Fireman's Parade in Atlantic IA 10/11
        Blood Moon can be seen between 5am and 6am on 10/8
Guests:  Wally is a friend of Trish's and is back visiting with us this evening.

Dave Tollefsrud was asking if anyone was profecient in lightroom as he had some questions.  There was a bit

of discussion but more discussion later when the meeting was adjourned.

Thank you Sue Baxter who was cookie monster this evening.

A sympathy card was circulated for Nikki McDonald.

There was discussion on Trade References needed for the Hotel that has been obtained for the N4C conference.

The following places will be provided to the hotel:

        Omaha Home for the Boys - our meeting place 3 times a month
        Sand in the City - Nebraska Children's Home Society
        Core Bank - our financial institution

The calendar was gone over as to when prints needed to be to Nikki McDonald for the November print

competition.  Last day is 10/28 to get prints to Nikki.
December Competition photos needed by November 9th to Myers Burmeister and reveal will be on 12/2.

Zombie Walk on 10/25 in Benson NE - make up is done in the early afternoon from 1-5 and there is and entry

fee of $7 to be able to watch this process.  Parking is limited and if you want to attend it was suggested

that you get there early.  Theme this year is "CARNIVAL".  You do not need a credential but it is a mob scene

as there are lots of people who attend this event.

Steve S mentioned the Council Bluffs Photo contest and that Mike Barker has a couple of 1st places and he

also had an award and the photos would be on display at the Senior Center until the end of October and there

would be an award presentation at the end of October.

Digital Reveal

     Signs: 1st Nikki McDonald
                 2nd Larry Cameron
                 3rd Larry Headley

    Nature: 1st Nikki McDonald
                   2nd Don Loseke
                   3rd Don Loseke

    Photojournalism: 1st Nikki McDonald
                                    2nd Larry Headley
                                    3rd Don Loseke

    Pictorial: 1st Nikki McDonald
                     2nd Don Loseke
                     3rd Larry Headley

    Travel: 1st Larry Headley
                 2nd Nikki McDonald
                 3rd Don Loseke

It was strongly suggested that we have more entries in the Print and December Digital competitions.

The meeting was adjourned at 7:45 and there was 45 minutes of social time and time for questions and answers

with other camera club members.

Respectfully submitted 10/14/2014 by Ina Ohnmeiss

OCC Minutes Sept. 30, 2014

OCC Minutes Sept. 30, 2014

Program notes.  16 members attending and one visitor.

Four members shot the Rodeo at the Century Links. Paul  Beth,   Ron , and Myers  got  credentials to shoot

and made contact with an assistant who  invited club members to come shoot events that need photographers,

but had no takers.   Cooperating connections can be valuable. The event is sponsored by Knights of Aksarben

who could reciprocate when assisted in such events,  possibly with a sponsorship of our upcoming event in

N4C info:  29 entries from 7 members
 Nikki had 3 place and 2 hon. mentions  along with 3 merit award winners.  There are 45 entries from 10

members to be judged in October from our club.

Motion was passed to join Monkey survey (30.00) so we could have a survey of the membership as to why members

aren’t entering as many of our own competitions.
If there are categories filled, the last to enter are the first to have pictures set aside, so get entries in


$2257.43 currently in our treasury.   $50 in N4C acct.   with $554.00 out in expenses for NC4 event.

next meeting Oct.  7  prints due 10/28   for print competition

upcoming events – We will be meeting to appraise the meeting room for the conference to determine the

parameters  for our display.
Planned speaker, Ken Jurecke was not able to be here. He is NU Alum. and official photographer for the NU

campus news magazine.  Go to  Ken fto read information about critiquing  article.  He would   be

a possible  presenter.  Ken is from Billings, Mo.. and a top level photo-journalist with Time Magazine cover

Nikki emailed  that the steampunk society  is ready and willing to assist and pose for our event.
Tim would do “Maine to the Plains”  presentation
Blake Rudis would be interested in presenting.

After the business meeting we were given the opportunity by Paul to practice judging  sample photos and

discussed storage and display options on the internest.

Shooting opportunities.
Go to to find upcoming events
Lauritzen featuring mums andAutumn and Japanese garden festival.

Thanks to Beth for cookies.