Tuesday, November 1, 2016

OCC Annual Meeting - November 2, 2016

President Opening Remarks
Guests NO
Treasurer Report $1251.07 after sending a check to Jo Eland memorial
Print Competition
Assigned Category: Water
Due Date for Prints – bring to the next week and a half to her house. Judging and reveal all in one night. Suggested once before that we might like to put a price on our prints and sell them that night. Main consideration would be your mounting. Unless you have an objection Nikki will send an email to all who have entered to get their pricing. Deadline to have prints to Nikki is the 12th of November.
N4C report: 36 entries 12 members 9 awards. Mike Barker 2nd Place, Nikki 2nd Place, Dorothy Sansom HM, Mike Barker HM. November competition deadline is the 8th of November.
Equipment – Will have new equipment manager in January.
Library – nothing new but will have a new Librarian
Treats – Ron Schmidt
Next Digital Competition – Assigned Out of Place in January
Annual Elections – Slate of officers on the screen and are there any nominations from the floor. No nominations from the floor.
Also discussion on the increase of dues, is also on the ballot. It was discussed back in May but did not have a quorum to vote on it. So we are voting on it at this meeting. Tom explained the reasoning behind the increase of dues. Due to the rental income on the room and incidental expenses. $40 individual $55 for couple or household.

Current Ballot – Ballot was passed out for voting
For Officers: 37 Against Officers: 0
For Dues Increase: 36 Against Dues Increase 1
Vote counted by Myers, Tim and Tallied by Ina
Treats Ron Schmidt
Nikki thanked the new officers for stepping up to the plate to take an office for the next 2 years. And thanked the outgoing officers for their service for the past 2 years.
Looked at the committee chairs: The discussion was talked about giving Larry assistance for N4C Committee in submitting the competitions entries.
Any New Business: Tim suggested that we take one of the show and tell nights and show slides and do a “retro” program. Would need more coordination to pull off.
Nia Karmann send card on the death of her Grandfather.
Close and meeting adjourned at 7:17 pm

Respectfully submitted,
Ina Ohnmeiss, OCC Secretary