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OCC Minutes March 18, 2014

OCC Minutes   March 18, 2014

President Trish Place conducted the meeting.  There were 27 people present.

Several people visited the Lincoln Camera Club and did get a number of people to sign up for committee positions for the N4C Conference.

A website called Lynda is being researched for a possible club membership because it provides photography courses and tutorials.

An organization to help people stay in homes by updating and redecorating is “Rebuilding Together.”  They need persons to take photos before and after the work is finished,  April 26th.  More information to follow.

The international horse jumping show with 200 horses is April 11 and 12th.

The Bluffs Arts Council is sponsoring marketing workshops for artists.  There are 3 weekends:  March 28-29, April 11-12, and May 9-10.

Hotshops update:  There will be a 4x6 ft. space per person and we need to hang everything and supply all hanging materials.  Each photo needs a name, contact info and a price.  People must have all information about the photo WITH each photo.  Participants must have a bio sheet for visitors to read.  Cards and flyers are a good idea.

Treasurer’s report:  We have $2103.41.

The committee to search for a new meeting place reported that 2 churches and the Boystown Hospital all said “no” because we are not a service organization.  The College of St. Mary wants $75 per meeting and the National Guard did not reply to our inquiry.

Paul Evans volunteered to provide snacks on April 15th.

Minutes taken by Mike Barker

Minutes typed and submitted by Marty Barker

OCC Minutes March 3, 2014

OCC Minutes   March 3, 2014

There was about 30 members in attendance, 2 visitors.

The meeting was print reveal in all categories with assigned subject being “color”. There were over 40 prints submitted with the overall winners print going to Steve  Schwiesow.

Rory Dillon brought treats.

Trish mentioned a print entry she received via email titled Water Collective.  Contact her for information.

Larry Hedley mentioned 14 entries in N4C last month with 4 awards, posted on website.

Tim White is doing a presentation on Thursday 3/6 at Fontenelle Forest Nature Center at 7 pm.

Digital prints for April competition are due to Don Cross by Sunday 3/9 – subject Out of State.

Several members will be attending the Lincoln Camera Club on Tuesday 3/11/2014 as guests and to talk to them about helping with our N4C conference in 2015.

OCC Minutes - February 25, 2014

OCC Minutes - February 25, 2014

President Trish Place is home ill this evening.  Vice President Paul Bellinger called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm.  Twenty seven members and one guest in attendance.

Treasury balance $2216.13.

Omaha Camera Club has been invited to meet with the Lincoln Camera Club in Lincoln on Tuesday, March 11th.  Contact Paul Bellinger for time and location.

Our club has been approved by N4C to host the fall 2015 convention. Ina Ohnmeiss has volunteered to be the chairperson for this event.  Thank you Ina. Lots of information to follow.

Our program this evening, presented by Suleiman Bello, is portrait photography. Thank you Sule for providing us with tons of great information.

Cookie Monster - Suleiman Bello - thank you.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.

Sue Baxter reporting for Marty Barker.

OCC Minutes February 18, 2014

OCC Minutes February 18, 2014

Attendance: Visitor Mark from Anchorage, Alaska; Second visitor Bob Cramer from La Vista; 23 attendees

Weather Cancelations:  There was practice for meeting cancellations on the web site.  On the home page click on "weather."

Treasurer's report:  Same as last month.

Refreshments:  Sue Baxter brought cookies.

Discussion of Other Meeting Sites:  Several  new meeting sites were suggested, most were Omaha community centers that cost approximately 31.00 per hour.  Still more possibilities are welcome .

Member Display:  Linda Davis and Paul Bellinger brought a display of luster and metallic printing.

Hotshops:  Trish mapped out the display space in the  Hot Shops. Walls are 9'2" tall. Brick area is slightly shorter.  16 people signed up so far for an approximate space of 5x 4' per person.  Professional finish required and ready to hang.  After the opening what happens?  $150 will rent you your own space.  The last week of April bring your items and arrange your display.  Signage: card ( business size). Printed info Title, artist, contact info.

Downtown Exhibit: photo portraits in Kuneko building at 1111 Jones St.

Fontenelle Forest:  March 6th, 7:00 at Fontenelle Forest Tim White will give a photo show.

Lincoln show: march 11th

Next meeting: portraiture program.

Tonight's meeting: February Digital reveal postponed from two weeks ago because of weather.

Minutes taken by Sandy Wentworth Feb. 18, 2014 and submitted by Marty Barker March 6, 2014.

OCC Minutes January 28, 2014

OCC Minutes January 28, 2014

Meeting Called to Order:  President Trish Place opened the meeting at 6:30 with 22 members and 3 visitors.

Treasurer's Report:  Tim White announced we have $2216.13 in our account.

Library and Equipment Report: not available.

N4C:  Trish said we have 10 committee members signed up to steer the N4C Conference in the fall of 2015. Linda Davis is in contact with the Lincoln Club which has 3 or 4 people that will help.  We're invited to attend their meeting on March 18th to get to know them.  At that meeting Sam will do a show on wildlife.  George Sinos suggested asking other Omaha clubs to help even if they are not N4C members.  We need an initial meeting of committee members to look at possible sites.  They can meet tonight during the cookie break.

Both Mike Barker and Nikki McDonald won contests in NRC this month.  Some OCC members will judge the N4C pictoral category in March.

HOTSHOPS Show and Sale:  We also need to have a meeting for people interested in the HotShops Show and Sale to meet soon and plan logistics.  They can also meet tonight during the cookie break.  There are 14 people signed up so far.

Annual Cathedral Flower Show: Trish commented on the Cathedral flower show mentioning that 4:00 Sunday is a good time to go as a photographer because very few people are there.

OCC March Print Competition:  Nikki is possibly getting a judge from Metro Community College because they will be on spring break.   Prints can start coming in to Nikki any time.  We had 65 entries in the fall; but in a practical sense, 45 -50 is about the limit.  We want as many PEOPLE as possible to participate, so we discussed limiting the number of entries per person.  It was suggested that each member number their photos in order of preference so that numbers 5 and 6 can be eliminated if there are too many entries for the judge to deal with.   We also discussed having our own members as judges instead of an outsider.  It will depend on whether Nikki can find a judge this time.

Tonight's Program:  Mike Barker presented a video of his methods for high speed photography with guns.  After the break he presented a photographer's guide to Hawaii, with an emphasis on how the islands' geology affects their weather.

Next Meeting:   Feb. 4 - Reveal of the winners of the OCC Feb. digital competition.

OCC Minutes Jan. 07, 2014

OCC Minutes Jan. 07, 2014

Trish Place opened the meeting at 6:30.  Attendance was 20 members and 4 guests.  wants an amateur photographer to be a second shooter for a wedding in August. It's a volunteer position.  More Info on Blog.

Rebuilding Together - does low-income housing fixups using teams of volunteers with building and decorating skills;  they also want volunteer photographerss.  Contact Trish.

Omaha International Horse Jump Show, April 11 12:  attendees can bring cameras to shoot horses in action.  There will be kids' activities.  Equestrians from Australia will do opening ceremony.

History of deguerrotype as beginning of modern photography:  Trish has an article on that if you want to read it.

N4C Conference 2015 -  We need to form a committee soon of about 12 people to get the ball rolling on the 2015 conference.

N4C Contests - Many members have won prizes in the recent contest.  Their awards are listed on our blog.   Larry Headly reported that our club will judge the category of photo journalism in February.  We need 3 judges for 100+ photos.  See Larry Headley if interested.  Club members are also needed to judge in April.

Hotshops - Trish will pass around a signup sheet for our display in May.

Craig Niedbalski  has five 8G flash drives for Cannon selling for $25 apiece.

Tonight's meeting:  the reveal for the January club competition

Next meeting - Jan 21 - Show and Tell;  please limit yourself to 12 photos to show.

Marty Barker
Recording Secretary

OCC Minutes Jan. 01, 2014

OCC Minutes Jan. 01, 2014

Trish opened the meeting at 6:30 and asked for reports.

Treasurer:  Tim White
Library:  Dhruba in India
Equipment:  Gary Prill not present
Snacks:  Irv Cobb brought cupcakes.

HOTSHOPS - Trish read a list of members who have signed up for the Show and Sale in May.  She also passed around a signup sheet for more participants.  In March we could start deciding what to do with the space.

Facility Change?:  Trish wants to form a committee to research other places to hold our meetings in order to be more central for most members.  

N4C Conference:  Trish recapped the 2013 conference in Creston for the purpose of encouraging OCC members to sign up to help host in the fall of 2015.  There are 13 committee chairs needed:

1. general chairperson
2. vice chairperson
3. secretary
4. program
5. registration
6. banquet on final evening
7. publicity
8. financial
9. field trip
10. exhibit (year's best of the best photos)
11. equipment chair
12. hospitality
13. printing (flyers, brochures, itineraries, etc)

N4C has seed money and our club can also make a small profit through a slight increase in the registration fee.  It takes about a year to put a conference together.

Linda Davis described N4C as 11 clubs from different states.  They hold monthly contests, and every spring there is a mini conference in Springbrook, Iowa.  This year it will be April 25 - 27.  This fall it will be on Sept 11 - 14 in Hudson, WI.

Irv Cobb is looking for volunteers to help do portraits in a church.  Contact Irv for more details.

Attendance:  23 members and 2 guests

Tonight's Program:  Show and Tell

Next Meeting:  Mike Barker will give a presentation on both stop-action photography and tips for shooting in Hawaii.