Friday, January 6, 2017

Omaha Camera Club meeting January 3, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Larry Headley

Attendance 27 members, 2 guests

Old Business:
Treasurer Report (Don Cross): Club balance $1686.02, $230.00 collected in dues tonight - $40 single, $55 family membership dues can be paid to Don. Only 25 memberships paid so far.

N4C Report (Larry Headley): 43 entries from 9 members, 8 awards. Winners are posted on website. Starting January competition if more than 8 entries in a category Larry will send email to participants to have them narrow down before submitting.

Librarian Report (Dorothy Sansom)): There is a new CD titled “The Art of Travel Photos”, 4 new PSA journals.

New Business:
Larry Headley and Linda Davis met with Christian Olson, Guest Services Coordinator at Omaha Home for Boys to sign contract for meeting space, $100.00 per month, as well as putting the word out for opportunities to teach photography classes, photo shoots, and invitation to meetings.

Mike Barker has setup a studio at his house and invited members to come out and use, as well as looking for models to shoot.
Club board meeting Tuesday, January 10th at Do Space.

Cliff Claven little known facts: The Omaha Camera Club had a month long photography display at Joslyn Art Museum from 1925-1965.

**Club contest reveal night, approximately 35 total entries in 6 categories. Judges for January were Mike Barker, Nikki McDonald, Scott Parker, and Gary Prill.

Entries for next month’s contest are due to Allan Stamler NLT midnight Tuesday, January 17. 

Assigned subject is “Triptych”. Judges are Paul Evans, Paul Bellinger, Sandy Wentworth, and Marty Barker.
**Mike Barker showed a You Tube video by Gavin Hoey on making triptychs. Discussion followed.

Stump the Stars Discussion: What is the difference between XIF and metadata?

Due Dates: N4C entries to Larry Sunday, January 8th.

Club Board Meeting: Tuesday, January 10th at Do Space.

Next Club meeting: Tuesday, January 17th- Show &Tell.

Treats by Trish Place.

Respectfully submitted January 6, 2017 ,

by Linda Davis, OCC Secretary