Tuesday, May 24, 2016

OCC Meeting May 17, 2016

Meeting called to order by President Myers Burmeister at 6:30 pm Greetings from the President.
Continuing on with our discussion from last meeting. Picking and choosing our categories for next year.
Talk about our dues situation and raising the dues.
Our digital director has a class for the summer and we need someone to do the digital presentation.
Our books were audited and the reports were audited and approved. Who did the audit? Alan Kurth & Dave McDonald completed the audit. No additions or corrections, audit closed for this year.

Cookie Monster John M.

Tom Pfeffer presented the information for the increase of the dues. This should not take too long. Excel sheet presentation. We have been at $25/$35 for 6 to 7 years. Cost of $100 per month going to OHB Asked Tim to look at where our money is coming from and where our money is going to. See attached spread sheet. Income comes from dues only, expenses are not related to the convention. By the end of next year we would begin to go negative. In looking at a 4 year model we would be negative every month starting in the 3rd year. So the proposal would be for the dues to increase to $40 per single member $50 for couple. By the end of this year we would replenish our account and giving us a positive cash flow. This will work until we have a capital expenditure. It is hard to build up with dues along and hope that we can find individuals that would like to donate to our 501C3 for capital expenditures.to get income other than dues. We can’t survive on dues alone. Wrap up increase dues to $40 and $55 for family/couple. Discussion
Ongoing expenses judges (outside judges), programs, printing fees, postage, fees for N4C, PSA fees, pizza party, flowers for memorials.
We need to make a decision as a club how we want to spend our money. Makers Club has several tiers of membership. They ask for additional donations from members.
Current policy is prorated dues, maybe the discussion needs to be do we still want to prorate dues?
How much are PSA $100 3 year / N4C $50 ($1 per year). Does anyone feel the $40 is excessive? Can look for other accommodations Royce suggestion, 50/50 raffle and set the money aside for a specific item such as capital expentitures.
Fund Raiser – Garage sale where the proceeds go to the club.
Looking to raise dues in December this can come to a vote in September or later in the year.
Thank you Tom for your presentation.
Treasurers Report $
Larry Headley - N4C News – newsletter trying to get on the blog but having issues
Secretary –n/a
Equipment – n/a
Library – More selections for you to see and there is a disc if you don’t like to read.
Assigned Categories:

Shadows- September 2016
Animals- October 2016
Water- November 2016 (Print)
Out of place- January 2017
Triptych- February 2017
Through the window- March 2017 (Print)
Landscapes- April 2017
Still life-May 2017
Old stuff- September 2017
Architecture-October 2017
Weather –November 2017 (Print)

Passing of the guard for the Treasurer will be Don Cross
Thank you Tim for your service and watching over us.
Sandra will be taking the name badges

Respectfully submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, OCC Secretary

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