Tuesday, April 26, 2016

OCC Minutes April 5, 2016

OCC Minutes April 5, 2016
28 in attendance
Secretary nothing to comment
Talked about the death of our member Nancy O. who passed away on March 27th after a long battle with cancer.
Equestrian event at Century Link contact Trish Place by end of this week so she can contact Jackie the coordinator to let them know how many will be there. We will get free admission for the return of photos. May 5, 6, and 7th.
Trish has a hanging at Edward Jones in Benson for first Friday. Hanging photos all week.
N4C had honorable mentions and Eva as a first time participant received a honorable mention.
Jeff Wild has a show at Metro College Elk Horn Campus in the common area.
Group starting up they want to be like the “hot shops” set up as a non profit and community involvement. Interested in someone coming to give a presentation and someone from our group giving a class. They don’t have a vision statement either. Jeff will let them know we are interested.
Digital Reveal
Did everyone get the free Nik software that is listed on the blog of the club. There are free tutorials out there that Jeff will see if he can find.
Presentation by Tom Pfeffer on our vision statement:
He is going to just touch on it, and why we need it or not. This is to get you thinking…
What is a vision stmt, why do we need one, why does OCC need one, do other clubs have one
Vision is a map as to where you are going. What is it that we want to be. Do we want to do something different, if so what do we want to be in the future. Short and easy to understand…
Power Point Presentation is attached for review of the information that Tom went over.
Digital Reveal
Respectfully Submitted,

Ina Ohnmeiss, OCC Secretary

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