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OCC Minutes April 19, 2016

OCC Minutes April 19, 2016
Show and Tell
Larry Fritz fell and broke his hip and there is a card circulating for signatures.
Secretary read thank you from Nancy Oudheusden’s family. Therewere 27 members present.
If you have panoramic for the N4C Springbrook event this weekend. Please see Steve Schwiesow.
Next weeks meeting will be at Hot Shops there will be snacks and drinks. BYOB if you’d like. This event is from 7-10 pm. Check the OCC Blog for more information. It is on the hotshops website as well
Results of the vision statement talked about by Tom. Well this will be very short, like when you do anything. So this is putting a bow on this topic. We went out looking for input for the vision statement that we are just not ready. It will have to happen sometime in the future. There was an overwhelming lack of interest. That is fine, we put something out there and the answer was not now. I don’t think this should detour us from doing it in the future. The most favorable is that we are a 501C3 status, I think we will be saying that we will need to look for donations to pay the OHB for our clean up fee. It is a bargain for what we are paying. $100 vs $1800 per night.
This is hung up for the night..we are done for now…
Irv Cobb – has been in talks with the principal of the Carter Lake school to start a mentoring program or Jr. Camera Club or if you know of anywhere in the metro area or if you have old cameras you would like to donate, if we can get this rolling in the fall and you’d like to come in and talk to the kids let him know.
Dave T suggestion for another outing. Bought an IPad pro…went out on a search, what does people have for gear what do you have for bags. Menards tough gear bags…Hunting stores, shotgun bags for lens on your waist. Gear night…bring it and show up and share your information.
Respectfully submitted
Ina Ohnmeiss


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