Sunday, October 30, 2016

OCC Meeting September 20, 2016

Called to order by Myers Burmeister president.
Introduction of guests:
Robert Bresley – learned from wife’s dentist Dr. Cameron
Nia & Leann Karmann friends of Steve Schwiesow
October competition photos are needed today
9/27 Alan Stamler is giving a presentation on Lightroom – focus on 1/3 library 2/3 looking at developing module
Ken Smith judge for the print competition. Donated a piece for the conference last year.
Tom Pfeffer – it is great that people are stepping up and giving presentations for the last part of the year.
Mike how to prepare slide shows in lightroom, Fontenell Forest program, raptor recover, Paul Bellinger has some images he would like to share “Images from the old guy”. Paul Evans presentation of both ends of the spectrum on macro and landscapes.
Beth Button last meeting has appreciated everyone and has not been able to attend and officially moving tomorrow. Will be back and forth for a while and she will make the meetings when she can.
Tim White has two openings in our structure see time. He is head of the nominating committee.
Ready for show and tell participants:
Marty Barker, Craig Niedbalski, Paul Evans, Gary Prill, Irv Cobb, Dave Tollefsrud, Tom Green,

Eva Lovas, Bob Bresley, Beth Button, Allen Kurth, Mike Barker, Steve Schwiesow, Trish Place, Jeff Wild
Respectfully submitted,
Linda Davis, OCC Acting Secretary

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